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  1. 2-3 days ago I saw it on getPowers list with description, but limited ofcourse... Now it's gone.
  2. Hello, I can't see (gold) on http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php list.... Only me or...?
  3. amar_

    Fake reports

    I didn't. Thanks for answering. At least admins/vols will laught at their English skills.
  4. amar_

    Fake reports

    Hello, I'm owner of a larger Bosnian chat group. I've got info that some users will make fake reports and tickets to close my reg. So should I care about it?
  5. amar_

    Subcolor Power

    Thanks guys for support of this idea. Cheers!
  6. amar_

    Subcolor Power

    @Stah, so what? @Hanry thanks! @LaFleur thanks bro! (b)
  7. amar_

    Subcolor Power

    Yeah I know, but all stuff that contains "color" in name is a little bit expensive... E.G I need need to use reghide for the yellow star because color doesn't match to my white hat and white namecolor... Way more to stylize it. Cheers! Btw. the price is just mine suggestion, admins know better price. But I would like that power to buy. Before: After:
  8. Please make Subcolor power. That would let us change color of the star on pawn. E.g (sub#FFFFFF) would make a white star on our pawn. Thanks. Price should be 1000-1500 xats. Cheers from http://xat.me/HORDE2007
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