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    Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Andy was one prime example of decency in xat and the rest of the internet.. i will miss you Andy, may you rest in peace.
  4. Bau

    Happy birthday (hug) 

  5. Gone

    Donate smilies

    http://prntscr.com/gdrghm (flashrank#080003#num#num†#ffffff#sword#ffffff#080003#ffffff#ffffff#angel#080003)
  6. Don't think it's a detail that should matter nevertheless if it has a purpose of not. Useless or not a downvote button doesn't harm anyone and doesn't make the forums less enjoyable, imo.
  7. Gone

    Social Saturdays @ xat.com/Social

    We don't celebrate halloween at all in the Dominican Republic.
  8. Gone

    I quit.

    After today i wont log in again. If you see me in xat, i will tell you. I will I will miss you too.
  9. Gone

    I quit.

    I'm done. Goodbye. Edit: i am only quitting the forum.
  10. Gone

    Can We Change?

    You created your own situation. The whole community wont change because of it. I still think you are trolling though.
  11. Gone

    (nationalism) power!

    It wont sell. If made, better release as a free smiley pack instead of being a power.
  12. Gone


    You are all literally feeding the troll
  13. Social chat disappointing me for the third time.

  14. Gone

    Subcolor Power

    It would sell, tho.
  15. Gone

    Some songs you like?

    Bel Heir - Kiss The Devil (Just A Gent Remix) / Glitch Hop

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