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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Andy was one prime example of decency in xat and the rest of the internet.. i will miss you Andy, may you rest in peace.
  3. Bau

    Happy birthday (hug) 

  4. Don't think it's a detail that should matter nevertheless if it has a purpose of not. Useless or not a downvote button doesn't harm anyone and doesn't make the forums less enjoyable, imo.
  5. We don't celebrate halloween at all in the Dominican Republic.
  6. Gone

    I quit.

    After today i wont log in again. If you see me in xat, i will tell you. I will I will miss you too.
  7. I'm done. Goodbye. Edit: i am only quitting the forum.
  8. You created your own situation. The whole community wont change because of it. I still think you are trolling though.
  9. It wont sell. If made, better release as a free smiley pack instead of being a power.
  10. You are all literally feeding the troll
  11. Social chat disappointing me for the third time.

  12. Gone

    Subcolor Power

    It would sell, tho.
  13. Bel Heir - Kiss The Devil (Just A Gent Remix) / Glitch Hop
  14. I suggest you to listen the songs i am posting here. They are all electronic. Taiki Nulight - Tempest That song's genre is bass house.
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