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  1. yes I know , but I opened ticket about 4 days ago. and nothing
  2. please someone help me , or answer at ticket!! I got held error 55 , and I cand receive nothing! when someone try to send me days, they get error 26! please help me
  3. I have not accesed my acc over 3 years , and now I got held error 55! please help me
  4. hi there , i bought xats with paypal about 40 days ago , and i got held (error 55). i cant do nothing with acc. someoane please help me . i have made ticket about 39 days ago , but nothing. now i cant do a new ticket or to check status of last. please help me
  5. I error "System problem (55): Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers. " logged on marijuanafemeiLor (451872036) can help me to say why I or I remove?
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