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  1. 21 minutes ago, theFlower said:

    im out of this contest there is some rasicm all things from english and  english song and english language there is no thing generel or from arabic   bye good luck all 

    if you want a Contest in Arabic find a sponsor and make a Contest in Arabic and solve the problem :p

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  2. 22 hours ago, NoSense said:

    hello guys!! from Ale..


    since this power gave me a hard time with the toad in trade, I decided to draw a cool power about it, which should go in combination with both firefx and burningheart (source of inspiration).

    - I combined some smileys and added the female and male hands for the firefx, added two new fire's, hair style burners and one in style burningheart, faces in combination of the same power! ok...


    - the rest I make you fantasize by yourself ...  (HAPPY HALLOWEEN...!!!)



    jnwbQZp.jpgryCJ6Sr.jpguJSdVfZ.jpg 73064785_666868360471414_1091486687541854208_n.jpg



    - If you have any questions, complaints or compliments, I am here to receive and / or explain!! (the name can change in Burn Fire ) i don't know if you like it...but i tested and i like! (the pawn idk (meh))


    Wauu bro i like idea very nice smilies i hop admin same support you in this (ok)



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  3. I have the opportunity as a moderator to meet more and more new users in the trade I'm happy about that.Often as moderators we get questions about who sets the prices in xat
    Today  ask me  a new user how it is possible  users  sell power over the fairtrade price.He feels cheated angry  and wants prices guarante by xat. 30 minutes I write to him what is trade and what is limited and unlimited power
    and how fairtrade work.i think it would be helpful to repeatedly explain to people what is trade and who determines prices 
    what is limited power and what is unlimited.More commercials https://prnt.sc/p6b45l

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