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  1. I hate to write in a forum, I always get a negative answer from people who are never in trade.It's sad to see how people every week struggle to earn 10x max 20x on a new power.STORE PRICE 239x trade https://prnt.sc/mfrvyk https://prnt.sc/mfruzf https://prnt.sc/mfrvdv .Question for administration?Why is problem is to make one month of power which will cost 1500-2k.When will you realize that the trade chat is heart of xat.com?
  3. I'm so happy Bryan is back again, and of course congratulations to Sydno and Echo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. Why not every one in trade sell xats But dont care about trader like Bryan.Bryan help with every thing and love trade page He is in trade with heart and He dont care only about money and profit
  5. Good power, congratulations to the creator, but I think this power is have more value 200x is nothing +it would be good to put it as limited,because he is able to destroy old powers CLEAR
  6. Superanime finally something smart and in favor of trader ,there is a rise in the price of powers who have long been forgotten
  7. I read but I do not think that will be added hats that are not already there we have almost many hats like Lucky said update old hats, not sell the same 2, 3 times is not fair
  8. This is a joke 3 hats 500xats,this becomes really funny
  9. Amnaa

    Paid USER

    who cares here are u paid user or not.I am a subscriber but I think it is not fair,looks more like division or discrimination.
  10. A good proposal for a lot of limited powers has lost its value that would help traders first that a large number would be removed from the trade so it will increase demand and the prices will go up
  11. wow finally nice power
  12. Amnaa

    congratulations you deserve 

    1. Crow


      Thank you sir! Hope you have a good weekend.

  13. Amnaa


    Can we have auction on new year?
  14. I have a suggestion of whether it is possible to create a power that will protect your power if you loan it to a friend for several days or hours,for example as a temp When the time runs out automatically, you get it back.it Means the powers we give without xats.I think that power would reduce tickets
  15. Always the same people always same suggestions. I think members have been tired of everything and it will not be what we want. We are in the circle trapped on this page.True is every day more and more old merchants leave the trade. Admin is not interested in changing you can write the encyclopedia here he does not read you. For him, this is business as long as it lasts. He is aware that nothing is as before and that there are fewer members.And from day one we knew we bought the train we were not forced to invest money here.Every hobby is expensive as well.
  16. I agree with you .In recent times, trade test help looks more like a clan than a common site.People discuss changes in trade and they are not part of the trading time spent on test or on help .How can anyone talk about a trade that comes weekly to buy new powers.Or how can someone have a moderator and enter it just 10 minutes a day and go back to the help or test. If we want to change something we have to be in the same ship.Sorry my bad English but im angry sorry my bad english but im very angry
  17. Customers who use everypower have it today.These users are not selling epic to buy Ruby power.Prices have collapsed members who are not in the trade and who always had a desire for a red pawn. Story to members of buying Gold and purple to preserve them for later sale of the joke, the people do not have xats. Now the trade u can only change powers for powers and not ask for xats. It is my conclusion.
  18. I apologize for my bad English but I want this story to share. Maybe not the right date to tell this story but it is true and happened on this page xat.com A few years ago I started to use this page,I spent a lot of time right at the time I was very ill. In the trade,I met a guy who I was from the beginning fascinated.Until then I not believe that there is a sense of love lust over the Internet. It happened I fell in love,I said from the start that boy be just honest with me,I told the summer vacation I'll come,he not trust me. After some three months of talks over skype,started
  19. This rule is very unfair I agree with you Christina and trade is not trade more i miss old time
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