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  1. I have the opportunity as a moderator to meet more and more new users in the trade I'm happy about that.Often as moderators we get questions about who sets the prices in xat Today ask me a new user how it is possible users sell power over the fairtrade price.He feels cheated angry and wants prices guarante by xat. 30 minutes I write to him what is trade and what is limited and unlimited power and how fairtrade work.i think it would be helpful to repeatedly explain to people what is trade and who determines prices what is limited power and what is unlimited.More commercials https://
  2. Amnaa

    Boys vs. Girls

    Boys need to learn that girls are always winners
  3. Amnaa

    Boys vs. Girls

    1 @Lemona100k transfer pls 50k to @elya girls won men will never have the patience like girls
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