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  1. @Amnaa party.png Happy Birthday! 🎈🎈🎈

    May you enjoy this day with enthusiasm and great joy.

    And may you celebrate many more years of life.🎂🎁🙂

  2. Zara

         Happy Birthday! Amna

    Happy So Excited GIF by Sherlock Gnomes

  3. Elif

    Happy Birthday GIF by Chippy the Dog

    Happy birthday sis (blowkiss)

    1. Amnaa


      ty sis (blowkiss)


    2. SapphireOfficial
  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful!(blowkiss)


    1. Amnaa


      ty sis (blowkiss)

  5. Maxo

    Happy birthday (hug) best wishes 

  6. Thank you so much @Maxo
  7. I take a short walk in different groups to see tonight which countries have a large number of people to be sure 100%.For now Bosnia Croatia Serbia Bulgaria Albania Greece Poland
  8. I did but it doesn't work either
  9. How does the language on the new platform change when you search for a group on a popular?
  10. Looks like Cupim with mustache with the trade logo
  11. i have one suggestion and i hope i get support, every day i'm in the trade and i love to decorate my nickname with different smilies combinations,I admire the people who really did such a nice and useful power for this page.We have allpowers we have different collections it would be nice in my eyes for everyone and the one person who did the power to get their honors and their own collection eg as a medal with name CUPIM collection or MIHAY collection etc
  12. Happyy birthday to my favorite one and my lovely sis, wish u all the best my love 

  13. Sweet heart i wish you 2 things never and forever  

    Never sad , and forever happy  

    Happy birthday my Amnit we love you <33 

     happy birthday GIF

  14. Happy birthday Amna, enjoy your day! 

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