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  1. Mihay respect really beautiful powers
  2. Amnaa

    Happy Birthday!


    1. Stif


      Thank you!

  3. I hate to write in a forum, I always get a negative answer from people who are never in trade.It's sad to see how people every week struggle to earn 10x max 20x on a new power.STORE PRICE 239x trade https://prnt.sc/mfrvyk https://prnt.sc/mfruzf https://prnt.sc/mfrvdv .Question for administration?Why is problem is to make one month of power which will cost 1500-2k.When will you realize that the trade chat is heart of xat.com?
  5. I'm so happy Bryan is back again, and of course congratulations to Sydno and Echo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. Why not every one in trade sell xats But dont care about trader like Bryan.Bryan help with every thing and love trade page He is in trade with heart and He dont care only about money and profit
  7. Amnaa

    510 OPACITY

    Good power, congratulations to the creator, but I think this power is have more value 200x is nothing +it would be good to put it as limited,because he is able to destroy old powers CLEAR
  8. Superanime finally something smart and in favor of trader ,there is a rise in the price of powers who have long been forgotten
  9. Amnaa

    497 HATS

    I read but I do not think that will be added hats that are not already there we have almost many hats like Lucky said update old hats, not sell the same 2, 3 times is not fair
  10. Amnaa

    497 HATS

    This is a joke 3 hats 500xats,this becomes really funny

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