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  1. I agree
  2. Customers who use everypower have it today.These users are not selling epic to buy Ruby power.Prices have collapsed members who are not in the trade and who always had a desire for a red pawn. Story to members of buying Gold and purple to preserve them for later sale of the joke, the people do not have xats. Now the trade u can only change powers for powers and not ask for xats. It is my conclusion.
  3. I apologize for my bad English but I want this story to share. Maybe not the right date to tell this story but it is true and happened on this page xat.com A few years ago I started to use this page,I spent a lot of time right at the time I was very ill. In the trade,I met a guy who I was from the beginning fascinated.Until then I not believe that there is a sense of love lust over the Internet. It happened I fell in love,I said from the start that boy be just honest with me,I told the summer vacation I'll come,he not trust me. After some three months of talks over skype,started my vacation.I promised 29 June 2014 I want to know you. I think that day I will never forget in my life,I came to a strange city to get to know the person from Skype,I was afraid but the desire was greater. We were both very excitement,trembled we laughed and cried,We spent a few hours when the night began to fall,he told me that I have something to tell u. I did not believe you'd come,I thought you were just like other.I hope when i tell the truth you'll stay. I have a different name and im not from this city,I was in shock for several minutes. I asked him what else is a lie.He told me he was sick,he thought, if I know for a disease that will not come. I was in great shock, trying to hide.God I was in love with a fake person what to do now.When you love u forgive but u not forgit.I felt this guy need me. After our meeting nothing was the same.I returned home,I tried to explain to him that we have no future. After all Figured it was a desire to sleep with him and nothing more,but i loved this boy and i know he loved me too. After all we are still talking over Skype,I asked him what was the reason to lie name,said that it was not intentional, His name was of his deceased friend whom he loved.Why u not said to me im syk,I did not want u pity me.Then he told his story of life. Was very poor coming in trade to earn that xat then it sold for money xats to buy medicine.I offered him my help but he dont wanted. Just saying to me please not spends money here buy something for u doughter,i m old trader i make good profit i buy all for u what u want. Before he ended in hospital he called me and asked for forgiveness and said to me take care in this world, fulfill my desire if u can, i asked what u want and he said I sold everypower to 1 girl in trade she living in USA find this girl and tell she need to send money for you. Please buy something for u and u doughter,I told him not give up u come back again,he said me no i not come back my time is over. Forgive me, I had a desire to buy everypower for u take this money.After five days the gay died,I had the feeling that life is then stopped for me. One night came to me in a dream,and said dont be sad im not alone i have my father here.Then I found this girl from America,She sent me the money, but I sent the money to his grandmother.Exactly after 2 months i was in trade one night,wrote me an old friend of this guy.And said to me I leave the xat, I know that, and he loved, always talked to me for this woman would give the last drop of blood, please trade i wil giv u everypower for remember only you deserve this.I had a feeling he was there,he is my angel,Love is endless. My message is to those who read my story.Be honest with yourself first.Love has no boundaries,neither in this life and the hereafter. We all have a mission in this life.Love is the only thing in life that is free.
  4. This rule is very unfair I agree with you Christina and trade is not trade more i miss old time