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  1. oka

    Geometric pawn

    I loved your idea very much, and I am with you in this suggestion keep up sis <3
  2. My favorite singer is tamer ashour A famous Egyptian singer
  3. oka

    Happy birthday  @Marya(hug)

    1. DUYGU


      Hi Oka bro  (hug)  how are you?

  4. Thank you, you are very good at helping others and I wish you always the best @iMano
  5. oka

    Background Design

    Thank's ، Sis I will try to do better than that for chat "Mosa3adeh" ♥♥ ok thank you for the advice ♥♥ thank's sis ♥ Thank's sis ♥
  6. I am with you in this proposal, it will be very useful to protect users from theft. We are keen on protecting the xat community, and therefore we will have to first protect users from theft.
  7. Mo7amedOka (1143430131) https://prnt.sc/sqiwyi
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