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  6. Happy birthday Sis <3 

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  7. Hello Today i will Show All problems Which comes in to "Arabic Language" 1- Problem Cut into letters . * Now i will Explain That in video ، On some browsers Which Comes problem on her. * name of Browsers 1- Google Chrome 2- Opera 3 - Maxthon Cloud 4 - Baidu Spark - This problem happen just on New Versions of all Browsers Which i reminded them . - Let's watch this problem in new Versions of Browsers ، And what happens in them. * this Which happens in new Versions. keep watch tis problem in old version of Browser Google Chrome only , it Resolved in old version. - This is a first problem. - This problem comes Since 5 years ago And no Solve to this problem , We want use new Versions of all this Browsers but this problem Really annoying and Important For us As an Arab. We want a solve to This problem. * The second problem. - variables are flipped in Arabic Language it Comes [$1 - $2 - $10 ] this Some mistakes in the language. - Let's watch this problem. - That's everything We want to solve those problems ، Because that's really important to us ، Language is not organized in xat any way We want to solve those problems. [thank for watching]
  8. Chatbox problem

    Hello , to fixed this Problem You should use old Version From Google Chrome browser , just Which they used it . 1- Download old Version of Google Chrome browser 2- Remvoe All old Versions of Google Chrome browser and Files(Temporary files)Which you used it befor on your Pc . you can download old version from here http://tinyurl.com/y9lwpap5 . I tried that and problem it solved you can Watch video explain of that . Good luck to all .
  9. My exams soon , i Very afraid I hope to sucsess  (swt) :(

  10. Time has become boring , What we do ? :( :'(

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      Today's occupation, if you have nothing to do.
      Visit these xat.com.  :$

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  11. Suggest powers : "light bulb"

    Yes, but I'm talking about we can make that power it Used for purpose " Names cod " like that http://prntscr.com/etnkf9 .
  12. Suggest powers : "light bulb"

    @Lunala Yeah , idea is About light bulb .
  13. i Think this power It will be exciting ، About this ida will be that power is Smiles powers , and group power . and You can also used this power With power - num - tickle - stick , like power " Noel" ، it power will be Component for 6 color Of the light bulb , so can all Users used power with cod num To light up Name . for example : (tickle#light1#light2#num#num#r) 1- light1 2- light2 3- light3 4 - light4 5 - light5 6 - light6 and that will be in powers group Like love . Thanks any awy . @Admin What do you think About this ?
  14. today is my birthday♥♥

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      (hug)كل سنة وانت بالف خير يا اوكا

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  15. Suggest power "Encryption"

    @Angelo any way . The idea of that proposal would be to protect against fraud through names or theft .