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  1. i open ticket and i am waiting untill now more than 2 month and my problem untill now can't be solved and also i can't use my register so why we open xats iff we will get problems and we will loose just the money so admi should know that all poeple here on xats who they open ticket they pay money to get this powers  xats and all off that he should know that we should open ticket and we can't wait 2 month iff we will wait 2 month so 50% will leave and i see alot off arabic poeple leave xats so try to find solution soon we are tired off waiting tired off patience ..

  2. hello i have really a problem why Vols Reply To ticket after 1 month i did a ticket and i get a reply after 40 days then i answer and untill now i don't get any reply yet  .. alot off my powers was pulled More than 150.000 xats off powers and 70.000 xats however i buy just 50k xats from someone that should be not cleaned  then i have also the same error 55 why ?


    Note : i don't want any answer from anyone since admin or volunteer thank you ..

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