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  1. autologin not worked http://prntscr.com/el7zja
  2. There is a lot off problems on arabic xats that should be considered anyway . This user Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) stolen powers from iiObetyiii (1521144482) using an owner in a False name for official chat . The real register is Mo7amedOka (1143430131) / The false register is Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) Real chat : http://xat.com/mosa3adeh / The Fasle Chat should be closed http://xat.com/mosa3edah @muffins All Volunteers should check the Transfert today please Held this user Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) and all users taked the xats from him untill problem solved cause he
  3. nice idea its should be added !
  4. wath's you mean with id 100 ?? i add a room with id more than 100 then see here http://prntscr.com/eistx3 no auto sign in !! @Lamingtons
  5. Happy BirThday

  6. No with xc you can't do invisible chat and auto sign in not working even iff the with is 220 and hight more than 140 where is the sign in auto ???
  7. i love Greece and i love all islands there so iff i can buy an Island off course Crete i love it !
  8. i can't Go to your page i get Blocked from my Antivirus !
  9. iMoHd

    Happy birthday! 

  10. iMoHd


    Good i understand now your idea .
  11. iMoHd


    i DOn't support this idea , i see alot off poeple can be mad about this . anyway i don't support all powers with kick and for (Kickpool) i think poeple can change room by them self thanks and good luck .
  12. what's about embed for chat with the xc ? or the auto sign in !
  13. i love this idea very Nice ..
  14. i think it will help other poeple also this topic is helpful https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special_Codes
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