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  1. muffins & Junior & Cupim !
  2. iMoHd

    Happy Birthday

  3. you can see all my comment you will know that i understand the system & autologin should work even iff i have fast internet or not its not depent to the internet speed it's a flag in flashplayer xat add the xc but they don't allow it thanks anyway for your comment !
  4. as you see here Account Block, Account Hold is delayed for along time http://prntscr.com/eq5ewq You must wait for a reply to your ticket, we can not speed up the response time. as i tell you contact a volunteer here in private message he can give you more information !
  5. some departement are delayed you can check this link you don't need to open new ticket just wait for a reply or contact a volunteer here iff you can't log in xat.com/ticket with your email and regname&id he can give you more information !
  6. To solve this error, you must open a ticket under the "Account Block" help topic. Usually accounts are held due to being a part of a scam investigation, or for being inactive for long periods of time. iff you have a ticket opened so you must wait for a reply to your ticket, There is nothing you can do on the forum to speed up the process . You can Also Contact a Volunteer Here in private message to Help you !
  7. @SlOom & @Paul i am not login as bot like you see there is an issue ::) thanks laming
  8. bot i am there with my register lol can you pc me iMoHd (63334225) XD
  9. i am connecting from my internet and with my register and i don't connect from anything else
  10. ok [chat:350:300:2173505:love:autologin-nosound] can you see here xat.com/led3r
  11. auto login don't work why problem come from me and from all arabic users ? do you refresh on my chat (led3r) to see that sometime you are in chat auto and sometimes not that mean auto login fail !! why you don't contact owners and main owners on mosa3adeh (help on arabic) to see that auto login not worked fine i know what i say and i am not child xat should searsh solution + all website work with embed iframe and object that mean its no secure ?????? please say something i can believe in it ?
  12. iMoHd

    Happy birthday

    1. Crow


      Many thanks! :3

  13. cause the codes not worked and they tell us that they test it and all fine when nothing's fine xat should back the embed code also i open topic and its closed without they solve my problem !!
  14. then you post code without testing it ! also with no sound its not working try here : [chat:350:300:2173505:love:autologin-nosound] chat : http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/direct.php?d=Led3r&t=1490553317
  15. my code is : [chat:350:300:2173505:love:autologin] can you see here : http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/direct.php?d=Led3r&t=1490550328 anyway take screenshot : http://prntscr.com/eoptuy
  16. auto login its not working can you give me screen or chat can i see it work ? i know all codes and its not working !
  17. alot off poeple here can agree with my problem here . alot off codes was changed before they test them exemple i see on wiki : To embed a chat group, you will need to know the chat's ID and name. You can use this tool to help you. [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name] For example, http://xat.com/xat_Test chat ID is 5, and its name is xat_Test. This means the code will look like this: [chat:728:486:5:xat_test] In addition, you can use different options for further functionality: autologin will enable autologin by default : what's enable you mean even iff not working do you test it before you post that code ?? all swf code now was stopped cause service again down in : http://xatradio.com you can't enable anything in this website now . i would ask iff xat.com is a free service we can pay just to get powers , xats and days or iff we want make a chat we should get permission for anything we would add on chat we don't play here some poeple works (exemple : radio maker) iff we can't add anything and you can't solve this problem and you don't test the codes before you post it so let work with embed again ?
  18. there is no autologin with [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name:autologin] proof http://prntscr.com/eo3v75 also you can visit here to see : xat.com/led3r .!!!
  19. is the autologin work now on chat or just in xat.me ?
  20. Hello i'm searshing a nice id 7 digits can you post here your offer or you can pc me in private message , you can also contact me on xat iMoHd (63334225) Thanks .
  21. Happy birthday !

  22. no its done just in xat.me (profile) in chat not worked
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