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  1. can you help me to do that because i don't understand what's can i do in private please ?
  2. I MAKE LIKE YOU TOLD TO ME i download the player then i uploid it in xatradio so can you tell me what's the problem ?
  3. the problem that i genered the code but i don't listen to anything in my xat room [radioswf:400:125:22192d52d]
  4. hello how can i generate my radio swf approved by xats ! link https://xatradio.com/player/22192d52d.swf !
  5. iMoHd

    kreykey radio

    thanks for your help !
  6. iMoHd

    kreykey radio

    how can i download the swf player ?
  7. i want add a kreykey radio to my chat but i don't know how can i generate a radio player anyway i have and html code for this radio : <td style="height: 130px" valign="top"><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://KRYKEYPREMIUM1.COM/swf/player/RadioPlayerFlex4.swf" width="400" height="125"><param name="movie" value="http://KRYKEYPREMIUM1.COM/swf/player/RadioPlayerFlex4.swf"><param name="quality" value="High"><param name="flashvars" value="serverHost=KRYKEYPREMIUM1.COM&amp;radio=133&amp;listUrl=http://KRYKEYPREMIUM1.COM&amp;defaultTheme=blue&amp;showTheme=false&amp;thinPlayer=false"><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></object></td>
  8. its just now working before no thanks for your good job
  9. yes i see now but why this arabic radio can"t be added [radio:370:30:;stream.mp3:pearlized]
  10. @xLaming check this problem please
  11. the problem that this code work [chat:360:310:215265905:7alali] but when i add :autologin-nosound its not working !
  12. not yet i put a code in chat then i make view change nothing's done
  13. when the next update ? when next update ?
  14. @xLaming code off chat not working also some radio are not working check please
  15. no its not worked i make view changes code not working
  16. hello code embed off chat not worked [chat:430:420:215265905:7alali:autologin-nosound] is appearing like that http://prntscr.com/f1npn5
  17. i think we should have a vegetable power even iff there is a fruit power its can be a nice add on powers all the best and nice idea !
  18. If you already have a ticket open, you need to either : 1 : Wait for a reply. Yes, some departments are delayed and can take a long time. 2 : Message a volunteer and ask them Help . Give them your registered username, ID number, and ticket number. Sorry for the delay on your current ticket.
  19. Happy birthday

    1. waled




  20. yes for now you can private message to a volunteer and he will open ticket for you untill they solve this problem !
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