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  1. try [chat:728:486:[ID]:[Name]:autologin-nosound] exemple : [chat:728:486:5:test:autologin-nosound]
  2. http://prntscr.com/gjvj7o iMoHd (63334225)
  3. iMoHd

    win 100 xats Everyday

    i am on xat.com/7alali
  4. iMoHd

    win 100 xats Everyday

    iMoHd (63334225) lucky Number : 5
  5. iMoHd


    Congratulations Phin (888325252) .
  6. iMoHd


    iMoHd (63334225)
  7. i resolve the captcha more than 10 time and it's still the same problem !
  8. alot off poeple use this browser in phone not exactly for raids you can't use raids by puffin .
  9. can you understand me i don't have anyproblem on desctop the problem i get it in my phone and the browser i use is puffin browser !
  10. its static i always log from puffin without register just with guest user but its the first time i find this problem i try to use another phone the problem is same
  11. i log from my phone with "puffin" i think its dynamic
  12. every chat also when i try xat.com i get verify that you are human every second i have a wirless network i restart it but no news
  13. the problem appear on my phone not in computer i don't know how to solve it
  14. the page captcha verify that you are human appear every second why ?
  15. iMoHd

    kreykey radio

    i need help the player don't working
  16. can you help me to do that because i don't understand what's can i do in private please ?
  17. I MAKE LIKE YOU TOLD TO ME i download the player then i uploid it in xatradio so can you tell me what's the problem ?
  18. the problem that i genered the code but i don't listen to anything in my xat room [radioswf:400:125:22192d52d]
  19. hello how can i generate my radio swf approved by xats ! link https://xatradio.com/player/22192d52d.swf !
  20. iMoHd

    kreykey radio

    thanks for your help !
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