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  1. hello i have really a problem why Vols Reply To ticket after 1 month i did a ticket and i get a reply after 40 days then i answer and untill now i don't get any reply .. alot off my powers was pulled More than 150k xats and i buy just 50k xats from someone that should be not cleaned then i have also the same error 55 why ?
  2. more than month i think is not good i am waiting all this time without any answer so i think delay should be 1 week no more and 1 week is hard too
  3. i have error and i can't use my register so i open ticket and i am waiting untill now more than 45 days witouht any reply why ?? i need my register please a volunter answer
  4. thanks i wish they clear this problems and thank you Muffins
  5. delayed how much i think 1 month and 8 days is too much time to wait
  6. hello someone can help me i get held 55 and i open ticket then i am waiting more than 1 month and 8 days for reply but i don't get any reply so wath's i should do ?
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