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  1. i ahve a ticket opened with another subject
  2. all ticket is closed i need to open a new ticket now but i can so i need a volunteer to do that
  3. max ticket that why
  4. hello i can't open ticket i wanna reported a user who use raid bot in arabic xats with Bad names someone can help me ?
  5. iMoHd

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

  6. iMoHd


    i'm Not ok With you i Can give you an example : when someone have a bad name with bad words so its can be redirect to another room with this bad name ...
  7. Hello Everyone ;; i'm just asking for help , i need a new id 6 Digits or 7 Digits . iff someone have an id for sell or who know a reseller For ids Can Comment Here With the ids off the resellers , so i can contact them to Get my New id or you can pc me : iMoHd (63334225) .. (You Can Find me Always Here https://xat.com/Shabab_TM) . Thanks!
  8. Happy birthday8-)

  9. iMoHd

    New Years Power Giveaway 2018!

    iMoHd (63334225)
  10. iMoHd


    iMoHd (63334225)
  11. iMoHd

    How old are you ?!

    30 years old
  12. Happy Birthday  .. !

  13. Happy Birthday  .. !


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