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  1. iMoHd


    thanks Marya
  2. iMoHd

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    iMoHd (63334225)
  3. iMoHd


    iMoHd (63334225)
  4. Thanks @Admin and @Addict we will be there on Friday 23 .. كل العرب موعدنا يوم الجمعة 23 الشهر ..
  5. iMoHd

    HTML5 Interface Update

    and about chats that we add i add a chat on my own chat and i don't see it on the new html xat http://prntscr.com/la40bg
  6. iMoHd

    HTML5 Interface Update

    how we can change language in new HTML interface ?? and also how we can see the radio and chats add in the own chat ??
  7. i ahve a ticket opened with another subject
  8. all ticket is closed i need to open a new ticket now but i can so i need a volunteer to do that
  9. max ticket that why
  10. hello i can't open ticket i wanna reported a user who use raid bot in arabic xats with Bad names someone can help me ?
  11. iMoHd

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

  12. iMoHd


    i'm Not ok With you i Can give you an example : when someone have a bad name with bad words so its can be redirect to another room with this bad name ...

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