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  1. its just now working before no thanks for your good job
  2. yes i see now but why this arabic radio can"t be added [radio:370:30:;stream.mp3:pearlized]
  3. @xLaming check this problem please
  4. the problem that this code work [chat:360:310:215265905:7alali] but when i add :autologin-nosound its not working !
  5. not yet i put a code in chat then i make view change nothing's done
  6. when the next update ? when next update ?
  7. @xLaming code off chat not working also some radio are not working check please
  8. no its not worked i make view changes code not working
  9. hello code embed off chat not worked [chat:430:420:215265905:7alali:autologin-nosound] is appearing like that
  10. Hi Bau

    1. Bau


      Hi iMoHd (hug)

  11. i think we should have a vegetable power even iff there is a fruit power its can be a nice add on powers all the best and nice idea !
  12. If you already have a ticket open, you need to either : 1 : Wait for a reply. Yes, some departments are delayed and can take a long time. 2 : Message a volunteer and ask them Help . Give them your registered username, ID number, and ticket number. Sorry for the delay on your current ticket.
  13. @Zed just 3 numbers not 4