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  1. ok thank you very much for the conversation and help
  2. So I understand that money is earned and spent on that xat.com gone. I know that my pawn did not do anything wrong. I am then got a list of transactions with my particular pawn who is alleged something was wrong? Okay I wait for an answer. How can I contact other outside the ticket?
  3. Exactly my pawn did not break any sort of conditions. and I was punished and so on. Even I did not receive the information for what it is. It is not right to take something to someone without notice. For ticket who wrote the new pawn because of the current I can not wait already almost 2 weeks. So it goes that money spent are already lost and did not get back. It is precisely also is theft from xat.com.
  4. I do not have an error (55), but from day to day I lost my powers and xat days. I have written account lockout. I can not with his pawn nothing to write but I have the second referring to the main pawn. Is that what I had days xat powers and regain back what one is not got nothing? No one also can not pass days appears then (26)
  5. how is it that xat.com takes everything a user without informing him of the reason for this action blocks a possibility and does not respond to a ticket ?? This is nothing but unlawful theft. It is to do what you want and taking people money which it released. Is this is the policy? In such a situation, I can report the theft and describe your actions?
  6. as it is one computer 3 people have accounts one person breaks the rules and all of May 3 blockade and everything taken away ?? I locked pawn and the whole computer and nothing wrong in his pawn did not do
  7. I want to know what is the reason to block my account and what lost days xaty and powers for which I paid. I was not even notified of such a situation only treated harshly without notice. From my computer use on xat 3 people and each has its own account. Suddenly, no one has. Please take a position and unlock my account.
  8. Witam mam konto zablokowane nie wiem czemu moje dane Morfeusz84 (1503086406). Prosze o pomoc
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