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  1. Mate, Teleport for days. I would never have to worry about being late to work, or wanting to travel to exotic places, etc.. All i would have to do is say the magic words ""Hippity Dippity take me to Italy" and boom... In Italy i would be.
  2. A cliche topic. But tbh i dont know what i would do with all that money. One things for sure i wouldnt waste it all like a dumby. I would probably buy my mother, father, and 2 sisters something. Like maybe a new car, or necklace, house, work tools. Lol the possibilities are endless. Then i would probably buy myself a nice house, a nice car, and save the rest of the money, (Maybe invest in some in stocks). And of course donate some to charity (probably Water.org).
  3. I edit gaming videos (mostly call of duty). If anyone does Gfx or edits clips as well. u should hit meup instagram. my editing page is @Axis.Risqii . let me know wat u guys think.
  4. Final Exams really blow mate :(

  5. I've honestly been to a lot of places and traveling is one of my favorite things to do, other than playing hockey. But going to Madrid, Spain. And Milan, Italy was the best experience of my life. The places and beaches where gorgeous. Most fun i've ever had with my mates.
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