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  1. Really thank you all for posting your opinion, if got an idea for making another gamer smiley just let me know posting your comment below and If it's a good one I'm gonna make it!!!

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  2. Thank you all!! I hope you guys like it and enjoy the power, if there is any issue report it and we will fix it, remember we fix powers but the uploading of the new files take a long time, so be patient.

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  3. 4 hours ago, homalditesta said:

    wasn't a tenth smile supposed to come out?

    It's coming out soon, when we fix a power released already on xat it takes a long time to upload the fixes or the new smileys, so yh, be patient, I will announce it here when it's done.

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    @iSanty Could this be fixed, please? :$ 


    My perspective: (Rainbow pawn doesn't work)


    Her perspective: (Rainbow pawn does work)



    Edit: Subhide and Reghide are disabled. The pawn works when I'm alone but when my bff/marry comes to the chat, the pawn stops working. 


    We are gonna fix this soon, dw

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Exin said:

    Congratulations guys! @iSanty , @Andres I have an idea for a power smiley dance group  , like gkaoani, gkpanda power these are more add like smiley in gline


    We always see the suggestions! So, come on, post it!  if we see a great idea that we can add we are gonna make it real!

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  6. 17 hours ago, Shake said:

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before. Keep up the amazing work. <3

    Thank you bro, I will. (hug)


    17 hours ago, Leandro said:

    I really loved it! It would be cool if with the (bbgraffiti) you could type something in it, for example:


    (bbgraffiti#wHello) and It'll show as the message, just like the main smilie.

    Thank you bro, that sounds good, I think it's possible.


    17 hours ago, Skatel said:

    Once again impressing everyone with your magnificent talent, you are the best at what you do, amazing smiles, I loved it.

    Thak you so much bro (hug)


    16 hours ago, David said:

    This is one of the most put together power suggestions I've seen in a long time. I'd love for a sly nod smiley to be made, like 'sup nod :$ Overall great suggestion!

    go see my old suggestions haha, thank you bro (hug)


    15 hours ago, Eylem said:

    You’re amazing, I like your suggestion and it’s a great idea. (victory)

    Thank you! (hug)


    15 hours ago, Keiner said:

    Excellent work. When I grow up I want to be like you :$:$

    Hahahahaha, nobody has taught me anything that I know, nohing's impossible, believe in yourself, watch tutorials and so forth. I could help you if you want.


    15 hours ago, Exin said:

    you worked hard on this power I really like  talented to create power are funny smiley


    Yh, it's hard to keep the smiley looks nice on a few pixels in canvas, but not impossible. Thank you bro! (hug)


    14 hours ago, xLaming said:

    Great power,


    It's good to see how someone who had never received any instructions from admins or other smiley makers know how to handle it perfectly,


    Nice job.

    Never, as you can see on my old suggestions I have been posting smileys since 2018. the only support I can say It has given to me is from @SLOom  who helped me with getting some resources like a  ":)" template and some other things, and clarigying some doubts, he's really so kind, he has supported me since 2018, it's sad to know when you ask for help someone who knows a lot, they are not available or ignore you, but I understand anyway, I just keep chasing my dreams.


    13 hours ago, AlexiusZeta said:

    Nice work, i really love the simple but effective power designs, specially that guy in motorbike xd

    Thank you so much! hahah it's cool (hug)


    12 hours ago, Abrahan said:

    Finally! I know how hard you worked to stay creative and how much you like doing this. It would be nice to add another pawn by lifting weights.


    I hope to see this in the xat store in less than a month. :$

    Hahaha, thank you bro, and yes, I'm updating this post soon with some other stuff. (hug)


    11 hours ago, Danny said:

    Looks good, and compiled in a organized way. Well done.


    Thank bro (hug)


    11 hours ago, NoSense said:

    Hey, we are Amazon Designer, Bad Boy!!


    you already know what i think about it, amazing job..!!  i was lucky to saw any animation in Xat5, and that make me already happy!!

    haha Thank you bro, amazon seller hahahah (hug)

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