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  1. Hi everyone! This is my recent work: Bg for sohbet chat - @Sevda - VISIT SOHBET TO SEE THE BG WORKING This is how it looks put on xat Visit my chat for a preview.
  2. iSanty

    Shark Power

    POST UPDATED Thank you! Thank you! I'll try to make an hug. Thank you! Thank you! I'll try to make an hug. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE SHARK SMILIES, SUGGEST ONE HERE AND I'LL MAKE IT!
  3. iSanty

    Shark Power

    Good idea! I'll post other examples soon. Hahaha, ty Oh! that would be cool hahaha Thank you Sol!
  4. iSanty

    Shark Power

    Thank you! that sounds good, I'll try to make them. Thank you! I'll do it.
  5. iSanty

    Shark Power

    Hi everyone! I make this suggestion, because I would like to see a really cool seriously shark power (not cute) on xat. Since there is no a shark power created on xat or suggested on forum (as far as I know) I decided to suggest this one. I have created/designed a shark power preview to show you the way it should be designed or something like that (I wouldn't mind if xat wants to use some element of the shark one I made, I can make it on Adobe Flash if is needed too) I made the shark one preview using Adobe Photoshop CC. @Cupim @Mihay Preview (Original Image) Click here to see the original image Animated Previews (the animated bg on the second image it's just for fun) Click here to see the original gif | Click here to se the original gif Some Basic Smilies (cool, sleepy, hehe, angry, maybe zoom) Click here to see original images IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE SHARK SMILIES, SUGGEST ONE LEAVING A COMMENT AND I'LL MAKE IT! a Preview of the Project on Adobe Photoshop CC I can add more smileys preview doing something if you want, just let me know I hope you like it, let me know what do you think about leaving a comment below!
  6. Some powers could be on the hands of the smiley with an effect or something like that, puting a code ex: (elements#hand1#cool#hand2#yum)
  7. I want some cookies wUEiVPD.png


  8. I made this cookie image sample. I agree with Angelo, it could has several types of cookies. ORIGINAL
  9. I like the suggestion!!! Your examples are very cool, The power should be like the second example you showed. Maybe I make an animated example about this one.
  10. iSanty


    iSanty (388822204)
  11. I like this suggestion, It would be nice if new games were added, I support this suggestion, this is a basic sample I made: (It's a gif img) LINK
  12. Hey! I like the suggestion, it could be something like this: (It's a gif img) LINK
  13. Hi everyone! I want to show you a little bit project I had started to make 3 weeks ago, but I hadn't finished until today, I just put to fly my imagination and creativity and this was the result: See the original images here RESULT: See the original image here
  14. Hi! I just want to show you some bg's I've made recently for Help, Cambio, Chat and Xat_Test: @muffins @Solange @Sydno | Visit Chat @Mave... (Not added because of he always ignore my bg's haha) I make free bg's for official chats, if you are the main of one let me know it sending a private message.
  15. It will be ignored as always, but, whatever,
  17. 10 neon effects pack ARCHIVE: .rar FILE SIZE: 510 KB
  18. 20 optical flares pack ARCHIVE: .rar FILE SIZE: 20B
  19. 10 nice fonts pack ARCHIVE: .rar FILE SIZE: 207KB
  20. iSanty


    iSanty (388822204)
  21. iSanty


    iSanty (388822204)
  22. 3d cambio inner template PREVIEW 3d cambio inner template DIMENSIONS: width: 728px height: 486px ARCHIVE: .PSD FILE SIZE: 14.6MB
  23. Basic inner template PREVIEW BASIC INNER TEMPLATE DIMENSIONS: width: 728px height: 486px ARCHIVE: .PSD FILE SIZE: 6.6MB
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