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  1. It would be nice if you put the original image in the post to see what changes you made, on the other hand, I like your design.
  2. UPDATED - Inner and Outer added. Inner: OUTER:
  3. INNER: https://i.imgur.com/kbTgo8k.png ----------------------------------- OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/k1nPdWM.png background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/k1nPdWM.png); background-position: top; ----------------------------------- BUTTONS COLOR: #3c3c3c ----------------------------------- iSanty (388822204)
  4. CHRISTMAS: INNER: OUTER: NEW YEAR: INNER: OUTER: You can see all the images together here. Extra:
  5. I understand you haha, It would be great, it can be a power or just a default function.
  6. Exactly. With this would be easier. Thanks, this is something that everyone would like to have in their nicks, but, as ELIE said, only we must find how to make it work. That is no the idea, you should read post again bro.
  7. Hi, maybe you are asking yourself, what this is?, I'll explain you. Well, as everyone knows, you have something like this when you are using nameglow: The idea is simple, why doesn't add an end tag for this? example: Result will be the same: Probably, you are thinking this is a useless idea, no, though. WHY? I'll explain you: This is something like html tags <marquee direction="up">Hello</marquee> Only what is <inside> tag it will be affected. In this case it would be: (glow#r)Santy(#glow) WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF DOING THIS? 1) You will be able to put any color you want in each letter/word you want. (glow#r)S(#glow)aитy Result: SANTY (obviously like a glow) 2) If you have namecolor, namegrad, nameflag or namewave, you will be able to put any effect you want in each letter/word you want Namecolor: (glow#r#r)S(#glow)ANT(glow#000000#ffffff)Y(#glow) Namegrad: (glow#262626#grad#ffffff#+-+-+-#r90)S(#glow)ANT(glow#000000#ffffff)Y(#glow) ETC... 3) A better style. This is just a suggest, the end codes could be like this: (glow1#r#r)S(glow1)ANT(glow2#000000#ffffff)Y(glow2) OR (glow1#r#r)S(#glow1)ANT(glow2#000000#ffffff)Y(#glow2) ALSO This could be used by people wants use it, its not necessary to use end code, default code "SANTY(GLOW#R)" will be used too as usual. This could be a power, i don't know yet, it's just a suggest. If this was already suggested i'm sorry.
  8. iSanty


    Thank You! Hahahaha crying smilie it looks like my sister too
  9. iSanty


    This category [suggestions] is for making ideas and new things not for making bad jokes. Your comment is basically trash. Keep on winning messages bro. It's my first power animation i would like to see a first animation yours.
  10. iSanty


    Yes, i understand. it would be a nice idea, yes we have too animals, but, if people like animals we have to make more animal powers. HAHA :(, ty. Thank you so much. For the next time i'm going to make a better idea with a better example.
  11. iSanty


    Thank you. I could make it like the examples you said, but, i did just an example, An idea is the key for making new things. I'll try to make better examples for next time.
  12. iSanty


    Hi Everyone! I am Santy, this is my first post on the forum, i wanna suggest a new power named "baby", why?, who doesn't love babies? They`re so cute. I personally love them. I think it would be a great power idea. I made a baby power example for you guys: STATIC VERSION ANIMATED VERSION I made some smileys: (bbdance) (bbcry) (bbeek) (bbpacifier) (bbredface) (bbsad) (bbwink) If you want see them better, click here I'm so sorry for poor quality. I had some problems making them gif format, because, originally they are FLASH format. Yes. I made them in flash first. Thank you guys, see you in another post. If you want to see more power ideas, follow me. PD: These examples were created by me in flash like a xat's power.
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