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  1. Hb to the one who has always trusted in me! have a great day on your birthday bro!

    1. LaFleur


      Thank you Santy!! (hug)

  2. Yh hahaha, ask for the ears to @Cupim hahaha, np. It will be fixed soon.
  3. Feliz Cumpleeeeeee (hug)

    1. Abrahan


      Graciaaas sapin! 🐸

  4. Thank you all!! I hope you guys like it and enjoy the power, if there is any issue report it and we will fix it, remember we fix powers but the uploading of the new files take a long time, so be patient.
  5. iSanty

    595 JAWS

    It's coming out soon, when we fix a power released already on xat it takes a long time to upload the fixes or the new smileys, so yh, be patient, I will announce it here when it's done.
  6. Prize received https://prnt.sc/t55y64 Thank you a lot for the contest, I had never won something like this before! thank you really @Dimple @Lemona @zw @Camii @miaa
  7. We are gonna fix this soon, dw
  8. Rainbows got some bugs because of HTML5 issues, you can test and use all of them properly using flash, we are gonna fix this as soon as possible.
  9. I hope you guys like it!!! Leave your comment below!
  10. HB CRAZY!!!! (hug)

  11. HB BRO!!!!! (hug)

  12. Feliz Cumpleanos Amigo, te deseo lo mejor bro, pasala super bien, te quiero <3 (hug)

    1. Leandro


      Muchas gracias animal, se le quiere compadre 8-)

  13. iSanty

    595 JAWS

    Yeah, It will be fixed soon dw. Thank you bro
  14. iSanty

    595 JAWS

    Thank you all for liking the power! A new smiley will be added later on.
  15. Hey! see this! 


  16. Happy Birthday bro!!! (hug)

  17. Happy Birthday, Dimple!

    1. Dimple


      Thank you so much(hug)

  18. Donor smiley added
  19. iSanty

    5 free bgs

    They look really nice, where is mine
  20. We always see the suggestions! So, come on, post it! if we see a great idea that we can add we are gonna make it real!
  21. Thank you all!, I will do my best on any smiley I make. Really, thank you so much
  22. iSanty (388822204) LINK: https://youtu.be/t6ltgGUaMcc I changed names and so on because of copyright, but I hope you guys like it!
  23. iSanty

    Badboy Power

    Thank you bro, I will. Thank you bro, that sounds good, I think it's possible. Thak you so much bro go see my old suggestions haha, thank you bro Thank you! Hahahahaha, nobody has taught me anything that I know, nohing's impossible, believe in yourself, watch tutorials and so forth. I could help you if you want. Yh, it's hard to keep the smiley looks nice on a few pixels in canvas, but not impossible. Thank you bro! Never, as you can see on my old suggestions I have been posting smileys since 2018. the only support I can say It has given to me is from @SLOom who helped me with getting some resources like a ":)" template and some other things, and clarigying some doubts, he's really so kind, he has supported me since 2018, it's sad to know when you ask for help someone who knows a lot, they are not available or ignore you, but I understand anyway, I just keep chasing my dreams. Thank you so much! hahah it's cool Hahaha, thank you bro, and yes, I'm updating this post soon with some other stuff. Thank bro haha Thank you bro, amazon seller hahahah
  24. iSanty

    Badboy Power

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID: xxx NAME: BadBoy PRICE: xxx xats STATUS: Limited SMILIES: bgraffiti, bmoney, bweights, bcard, bbike, bcool, bhey PAWNS: hat#hf Pawn _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do they look on xat? I FORGOT TO PUT COLOR ON BMONEY AND BHEY HANDS XD, I'M CORRECTING THEM SOON _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's been a long time ago since the last time I posted a power, but I'm back, I don't know if you remind of me, I used to make and post powers here on forum, I really enjoy and love making and creating powers, I hope you guys like them like I do, these ones are made on Adobe Animate, they were tested on xat an so forth. I'd like adding more smileys to this power, although It's just a suggestion, the next one might be BADGIRL, do you like the idea? what else you want to see?. just leave your comment below, share your opinion and ideas with me and I'm gonna bring them to life! FIRST POST IDEA I FOUND ON THE FORUM (I DIDN'T INSPIRED BY THIS ONE, I FOUND IT AFTER POSTING THIS XD} _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other power suggestions made by me Grim Power Seals Power Mafia Power Pills Power Shark Power
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