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  1. I like this suggestion! It would be great to be able to play soccer on xat.
  2. Sorry guys I hadn't added the download link on the post, download link it's already added! you can download it now!
  3. Hi everyone! Today I bring you an important icon of xat, the help icon, these days I had been thinking about what to make to upload it here, so I decided to make the help icon for you guys, I'll upload a lot of more graphic resources for your projects/designs. I hope you like it! NOTE: YOU CAN EDIT ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ON THE IMG/PSD TO EDIT THE CIRCLE OF THE ICON CLICK ON (SMART OBJECT) TWICE, EDIT AND THEN SAVE CHANGES. If you have some doubt about it leave a comment below. Do you want it? Download it!
  4. Even though the dragon is a bit ugly, I like it. Also, I think smileymakers should make new smileys with more movements, It's always the same static smiley ONLY moving it's body parts. I would like they do other movements/things. It would be fine that smileys do other kind of movements or it had other kind of effects like purple or angel (when you touch angel or purple they do an effect like over flying it's static position)
  5. iSanty


    Thank you Dúl Thank you babe post num 69
  6. iSanty


    I wanted to innovate a bit, it's boring to see the same colors, everybody makes the ball of trade style as always.
  7. iSanty


    Do you mean to change ball of trade colosr to clasic blue and yellow ones?
  8. iSanty


    Hi everyone! Today I finished to make some bg's for xat cambio and I want to show you how they look: @Solange NOTE: I think they might be the first 3D ones about a xat room (literally), I'm not sure, correct me if not. I really love designing, one of my goals is to improve xat boxes style (bg's), I hope to find all the ways to design a new one style every time I make one. ON CAMBIO xat ROOM
  9. Thank you bro! Thank you!!
  10. Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you last work I've done recently for xat HELFEN and xat NOTICIAS [ @LaFleur @Samuel ] NOTE: INNER AND OUTER BG'S ARE ON AN IMAGE, THEY LOOK ON THE xat ROOMS LIKE IT IS SHOWN ON THE FOLLOWING IMAGES: | ORIGINAL | | ORIGINAL |
  11. (hippo) Hi

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      sleep is for losers :3 tc bro

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      U will die early

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      i slept already :3 cya later man ! 

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  12. I like the first one, the template is a bit old, but, good design. Good designs!
  13. if you guys need some design resource about xat just leave a comment below saying what would you like to see in psd file and flat design (Some smiley, icon, pawn..)
  14. Oh thank you so much! maybe I make other illustrations soon. If got ideas to make just let me know!
  15. Hi everyone! I was so bored, so I decided to make an illustration for xat, a pig was the first animal I though, so I made it haha. the point is the following: a pig in it's planet being visited by UFO(xat PEOPLE, you can see the xat planet to the right of the image) I actually hadn't created the storie until I saw all the elements together (xat planet) (the pig) and (xat rocket). I hope you like it! NOTE: ALL THE ELEMENTS WERE CREATED BY ME FROM 0. | ORIGINAL | xat RESOURCES: xat ROCKET xat PLANET
  16. iSanty

    Xat5 Inners

    Hi everyone!! I made some inners for xat5 room and I wanted to put them here to know what do you think about?
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