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  1. iSanty


    This could be more than a sand effect, I think could be a dispersion or explosion effect or something like that, I like it.
  2. You can use: http://www.screentogif.com/ http://recordit.co/ download gif cam camtasia/...(record something and then save it as a .gif)
  3. xat ball of trade logo PREVIEW EXTRA
  5. BROKEN DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE GOING TO BE RE-UPLOADED SOON NOTE: Menu // Resources: xat planet logo Ball of trade logo xat rocket xat group icon xat help icon All the xat pawns _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ xat inner templates: HTML5 xat TEMPLATE [NEW] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Really good bro, I like them, keep it up.
  7. iSanty


    iSanty (388822204)
  8. iSanty


    I think this it would be a bit boring power, people want to see effects, powers moving out or doing something out of normal. It's a good idea, though.
  9. Maybe I make it, I'm a bit busy, but, I'll make it when possible.
  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you bro!!
  11. Hi there. This is an animation I made for the power Naughtystep that was requested by @SlOom, I hope you like it. VISIT THIS CHAT to see the animation working.
  12. c:  (:   :)  :d 

  13. Hi everyone! I just want to show you the recent work I've done, some bg's for xat Mundosmilies @Laming, I hope you guys like it! ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD OTHER FREE xat GRAPHIC RESOURCES FOR YOUR DESIGNS/PROJECTS: All the xat pawns Images xat planet logo ball of trade logo xat rocket xat group icon xat help icon
  14. I like the mask samples, most of time people put some weird samples images, smileymakers/admins need to see some clear ideas, this is one.
  15. This is a basic sample I made. PREVIEW: visit http://xat.com/isanty to see the sample put on xat.
  16. Haha, thank you bro! #POST NUMBER 100
  17. (:

    1. ANGY


      Hoy pregunte por un Galak 200 mil bolivares, me iba a morir (x

    2. iSanty


      nwbna HAHAHAHA, y el SAVOY a 130 el grande, un galak a 200  nwbn.

    3. ANGY


      Ya valimos, no comere mas chocolate :'( 

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  18. Good power, good job.
  19. It would be great badge had an animation.
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