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  1. iSanty

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations brooooooooooo @SLOom
  2. iSanty

    Grim Power [FLASH]

    hahaha, credits to Seth for coming up with the name, ty bro thank you! I love that you love my designs. Thank you bro! Glad to hear that! really! It would be nice haha Thank you bro! Thank you bro!
  3. want to change your forum profile img?


    here a good gif img:


  4. iSanty

    Grim Power [FLASH]

    Hi everyone! Halloween is getting closer and I have brought a power suggestion for this horror day! I called it "Grim" since there's one "reaper" on xat, I think that one is a bit cute, so I made this a bit more scary! I made this one on adoble flash, I hope you guys like it! Hug Pawns (they make a fluid spin movement, It's just a gif) Live preview on xat Other power suggestions made by me Seals Power Mafia Power Pills Power Shark Power Greendi Power
  5. iSanty


    I don't like much this idea, but I know it would be nice for others, this is easy to make, I have made some simple examples to show: EXAMPLES: EXAMPLES ON xat: SOME BASIC GLASSES ADDED ON xat USING GLASSES ON SMILEYS CHANGING GLASSES COLOR
  6. iSanty

    How to deal with being lonely at school?

    Firstly, ask yourself what it makes you to be like that? Is it the way you look like? either is it something on you? or is it something on others? Don't be afraid to start a conversation with someone else, trust on me, once you have broken your limits (talking to someone else) you will get realize you are capable of much more. I have always been a shy guy, currently I'm still one, but I got realize what happened on me, it was the way how I looked like (I was fat), that made me to be unsure, I didn't even talk to anyone, I was like you, It just depends on you get realize what makes you feel like that.
  7. iSanty

    Power: Rotate

    Good one, this should be added as a extra feature for (invert) power or something like that. Since we can (invert) a power, I don't see any problem inverting it any angle we want.
  8. iSanty

    New xatspace default design

    Great job! this has to be added!! yes or yes! @Admin
  9. iSanty

    [FREE] xat graphic resources

    SOCIAL INNER TEMPLATE Basic outer template DIMENSIONS: width: 728px height: 486px ARCHIVE: .psd FILE SIZE: 9,66 MB
  10. iSanty

    Mundosmilies background contest

    I have received my prize http://prntscr.com/ku7sh6
  11. iSanty

    Mundosmilies background contest

    Thank you bro , you did a great job too!
  12. iSanty

    Mundosmilies background contest

    Thank you bro
  13. iSanty

    Mundosmilies background contest

    Omg, thank you Laming!! Thank you Arih!!! CGRATSS @Luig, @Discann

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