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  1. Merve

    help me

    yes, but I've written answer to the ticket can not remove her black list
  2. Merve

    help me

    my account was blocked scammer volunteer asked a proof from me but i not have a proof screenshots for trade / no transfer taken to the blacklist I Gained xats selling gif there are those who konw it dear
  3. Hi, My account was blocked scammer. Volunteer asked a proof from me but i not have a proof.(screenshots for Trade/Transfer) Seriously, i'm not guilty. and I was taken to the BlackList. I gained xats selling gif. There are those who know it. Dear volunteers, please help me.. Take a look at this screenshot(Volunteer message): http://prntscr.com/bfw6yg Thanks.
  4. Merve

    I need help

    Did I no screenshot in my hand as evidence because the scammer deleted my account was earning xats gif can help by volunteers on the topic What can I do?
  5. even if you think the new power status grad?
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