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  1. hi step to inform with great respect to my account sent Error 55 later and I can not trade Forex or transfer told me in xat help to send a ticket to unblock me please could be so kind from and thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience It sends a ticket that long ago and I did not responded iRataBlanca account ID (380149682) please help
  2. Good People xat world and people of staff today step to suggest a new power called antiquity , this power is composed of several old smiles the idea would revive smiles before world xat change them, I and many people who helped me eventhough be new liked the idea that were better and brighter the smiles old , I hope you like it can do it in two parts 'm sure many will like hope you take into account and post continuous well & can carry 3 or 4 hats ancient powers , Magicfx , Pulsefx , GlitterFX , Treefx (Antiquity)(Atblk)(Atcool)(Atgoo)(Atchew)(Atcyc)(Atnme)(Atroll)(AtSurprice)(Atyum)(Atsmirk)(Atsmirk2)(Atyawn)(Atdunce)(Atgagged)(Atinlove)(Athello)(Atomg)(Atwink)(Atnod)(Atwary)(Atswt)(Atthink)(Atwtf)(Atxd) (Atserious)(Ateek)(Atredface)(Atcrs)(Attongue)(Atkiss)(Atmad)
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