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  1. Winner! Who directed Back To The Future? Prize: 600
  2. https://imgur.com/a/4ZC2Dac Angelo’s was kind of a typo LaFleur was the second. So I’ll give LaFleur 1k and Angelo 500 Lmao @Solange 10 years later Daryl Dragon used which name when he formed a 70s duo? Prize: 500
  3. Wins First person to PC me Merry Christmas gets 1k
  4. Winner Which actor paid $93,500 for the baseball which rolled between Bill Buckner's legs in game six of the 1986 World Series? Prize: 800
  5. Winner Which country burns the most coal each year? Prize: 620
  6. What is another name for Rapa Nui? Prize: 700
  7. Winner! What city has the oldest Zoo in the world, and still in use today? Prize: 700
  8. What was Lord Byron's dogs name? Prize: 500
  9. Winner! What do you call a group of frogs? Prize: 602
  10. A cow moos , a rooster crows and an ape does what? Prize: 600
  11. In the Maori language, what does Kaka mean? Prize: 500
  12. Winner! A goat sucker is what type of creature? Prize: 800
  13. What color is a giraffe’s tongue? Prize: 678
  14. Winner! What is a percoid? Prize: 700
  15. Winner! Karakul, Texel, and Romney Marsh are different kinds of what? Prize: 600
  16. What was the name of Dr Dolittle’s Parrot? Prize: 800
  17. You’re allowed to answer more than once. A sheep, duck, and rooster were the world's first passengers in a what? Prize: 600
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