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  1. YEP Which cartoon character says "Dagnabit"? Prize: 500
  2. Wins Al Capone was finally nailed for what crime? Prize: 700
  3. Okay idk how though Should I stop now? Prize: 400
  4. Can you guys stop copy pasting essays thx YES!
  5. Parker and Barrow were more usually known as what? Prize: 600
  6. In Guelph Ontario a by-law makes what illegal in the city? Prize: 700
  7. Yes! In what country was the hula hoop illegal? Prize:500
  8. Instead of apples what do Adams family members bob for? Prize: 700
  9. In Virginia it's against the law for people to bribe anyone except who? Prize: 600
  10. In Disney's Jungle book what are the names of the four vultures? Prize: 600
  11. Yes! The hippopotamus belongs to what animal family? Prize: 500
  12. Yep! xat.com/bryan come through! Who invented the coffee filter? Prize: 700
  13. I’m back! In the USA what was the first prime time cartoon show? Prize: 600
  14. He doesn’t deserve those xats, I hope they will be removed from his account
  15. Today’s giveaway totaled 22,400 xats! I’ll be back for more, stay tuned : )
  16. Winner! We’re switching to xat.com/bryan for the last 8 questions for today!
  17. Winner! Second question: Who directed The Big Sleep and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Prize: 500
  18. Winner! Okay guys, 10 more questions 500 each! And I’ll be back tomorrow =D Who was the voice of Popeye for 45 years? Prize: 600
  19. Winner! Which country does the airline Sansa come from? Prize: 500
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