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  1. What type of operations does the army perform? Prize: 500
  2. I have transferred 7,500 xats to @Lemona for 15 questions @ 500 each! What kind of animal appeared in the movie Free Willy? Prize: 500
  3. What does the F stand for in FBI? Prize: 700
  4. Good save! Ding ding In the cartoon Peanuts, what color is Woodstock the bird? Prize: 700
  5. In which story does the heroine Dorothy make a journey along a yellow brick road? Prize: 600
  6. From which film came Circle of Life? Prize: 560 to make my xats even
  7. Which atmospheric gas is the most common? Prize: 700
  8. How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis? Prize: 600
  9. King also helped organize the 1963 nonviolent protests in what city? Prize: 500
  10. What color car is reserved for the royal family in Japan? Prize: 700
  11. Sorry my mom called What European city did the Romans call Lutitia? Prize: 700
  12. Wins! After seeing all these essays, I have decided the max words allowed in a post is 10 words! The Greek for "circle of animals" gives it name to what? Prize: 600
  13. Yep! What kind of disaster befell Kobe, Japan in 1995? Prize: 700
  14. Sony launched the first personal what? Prize: 600
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