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  1. LOL. My head hurt tryna solve it.
  2. Lauren Ace Reporter, who was a little backward, was sent to cover a billiards tourney. Since she wanted to do a good job, she rounded up some human interest facts to make her story a little more interesting. Lauren gathered the following information: 1. The men competing were named Jack, Tom, Sam, Zac, and Timmy. 2. Tom had once beaten the winner at tennis. 3. Jack and Timmy frequently played cards together. 4. Zac's finish ahead of Timmy was totally unexpected. 5. The man who was finished fourth left the tournament after his match and did not see the last two games. 6. The winner had not met the man who came in fifth prior to the day of the tournament. 7. The winner and runner up had never met until Zac introduced them just before the final game. When Lauren returned to her office she found that she had forgotten the order in which the men had finished, but she was able to figure it out from the information provided. Can you figure it out? First : Second : Third : Fourth : Fifth : If you get it right, I will give you 3,000 xats. You have till March 1!!
  3. Thank you for everyone that joined! Most prizes have been distributed. Storytelling contest : First place : INJURE with 5,000 xats. Second place : SYDNO with 4,000 xats. Third place : MusicalMelody with 3,000 xats. Fourth place : Paya with 2,000 xats. Fifth place : iAmyy with 1,000 xats. Photo Contest : First place - STELA with Valentine power and 20 days. Second place - LEMONA with 1,500 xats and 20 days. Third place - ANADOCE with 1,000 xats and 20 days. Now, don't forget, some work was messaged to me, and wasn't posted. Congratulations to all the winners! Also, any other entries win 300 xats for joining, thank you very much for being a part of this!
  4. This is very touching. I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. Aww, thank you for sharing. Be who you are, block all that nonsense and those rude and nasty comments. Much respect.
  6. Thank you, Melanie! Now, I hope you have a sick playlist prepared for us for Trade!
  7. Thank you for your submission, LEMON-AID.
  8. Congratulations @Vale you have been a great owner ever since I've known you (Eventhough your karps every 2 seconds are annoying as hell :$) But I have no doubt that you will do an awesome job!
  9. What Elie said. Whether your significant other is online or in real life, it doesn't matter! Hahaha.
  10. Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is in the air! For that special day, Trade will be holding a few contests! Contest 1 : Storytelling Contest. Share with us the story about how you met your significant other. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to encourage people to relive their most romantic experiences! Who's your Valentine this year? Your pet? Your best friend? Do you remember the first time you met? What was your first special moment? And what's the secret to keeping love alive? Everyone can join, obviously not everyone has a significant other, and the single ones may be sick of all the talk of love and romance. Therefore, you can share with us the most original slogan, the sweetest declaration of love, or the best advice to keeping love alive. Submit your stories and the top 5 stories will win! First place : 5,000 xats. Second place : 4,000 xats. Third place : 3,000 xats. Fourth place : 2,000 xats. Fifth place : 1,000 xats. Contest 2 : Photo Contest. We want to share the love of the most affectionate day of the year. That’s why we want you to enter our True Love Valentine’s Day Photo Contest! Because this special day is about celebrating love, we want to see your pet in photos that show his/her love, or in a picture inspired by Valentine’s Day, it can even be you, or your teddy bear! Every pet shows their love differently. They can be licking or snuggling with a person or an animal, or resting their head on a lap. You could dress them up in something red, or give them a big heart to hold – be as creative as you want; it just needs to be full of love! Please make sure your name or Xat username is in it! We will have three lucky winners in this contest. First place : (Valentine) Power & 20 days. Second place : 1,500 xats & 20 days. Third place : 1,000 xats & 20 days. Contest 3 : Valentine Trivia Quiz. So you think you know everything about Valentine's Day, do you? Test your knowledge of this popular festival with the 10 questions quiz. Each winning answer will be given xats // days. Goodluck to all the contestants. You can submit your work here on forum, message me! Or you can PC me or Mony on Xat. Bryan's ID : Addict (99941393) Mony's ID : Mony (39786087) Party : Xat.com/Trade Date : 12th of February. Time : 9:30 PM EST. Host(s) : Bryan and Mony. Judge(s) : Bryan and Mony & one anonymous judge! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Contest deadline : FEBRUARY 12, 9:00 PM EST.
  11. I wouldn't release anything, the market's already dead. It'll die even more.
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