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  1. I protect the Dukedom eh papi I got you
  3. Addict

    Toxic Graphics

    Hah you’re cute, Solange
  4. Happy birthday land havin penpuha :$ 

    1. lemona


      Thank you land havin penpuha number 2!! (blowkiss)

  5. Addict


    Sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to say. What do you mean by “I transferred all my powers to the staff”? What staff?
    1. lemona


      I was a witness of this interview. Hehehehe! :$  

    2. Addict


      No you weren’t 

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    2. Bau


      Really a story, a story like a story. (wailing)(a)

    3. Marya


      If you dont like @Bau sorry 

    4. Bau


      @Marya Excuse me, it was great, you know I love you, you're my dear friend. :$(blowkiss) 

  6. Being a boy is hard, we have to text girls first, buy them food, look cute with no makeup, have nice cars, a steady job, be tall, impress parents, friends, brothers and sisters, be a gentleman and never be in a bad mood. We have it hard too.
  7. Take care, Marshall. It's been a pleasure. Best of luck to you.
  8. Addict

    535 MORPH

    Woohoo for shapes!
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    2. Sydno


      Was a nice talk! Thanks for the opportunity


      I'm always up to discuss or to give more insights if you found it intriguing :$ 

    3. Addict


      I was just hoping he would’ve answered the “Who would win in a fight? Crow or LaFleur?” question,  so we can start a battle :(

    4. Maxo


      good interview @Sydno congratulations, ty @Addict i'm always happy to be in xat trade, what you don't know  chat trade is my home since a longtime i've a history with it since valeria was a main owner on 2011 or 2012 i don't remember very well

  9. I see it

    I like it

    I want it

    I check the price 

    I put it back

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    2. Addict


      You still can ;)

    3. lemona


      I see you

      I like you

      I don’t want you 

      I check in on you

      I love you yuh :$ 

    4. Addict


      I love you too (blowkiss) 

  10. The winners for the Love Letter Contest; First place : @Kaay 10,000 xats Second place : @miaa 5,000 xats Third place : @Solange 2,000 xats The winner for the Best Valentine’s Card goes to @Fons 5,000 xats. Pc me on 99941393 to claim your prize!! Congratulations to all the winners!
  11. The deadline for submitting entries has been reached, winners will be announced soon!
  12. Ok break up with Wendy first
  13. Soooo, no one wants to design a Valentine's Day card?!?! IT'S 5K Deadline coming soon
  14. Not sure wether to consider this a letter or a card😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  15. What are you offering at this party What’re you doing Bella!!!!!
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    2. Kaay


      I'm confused.(meh)

    3. Addict


      Doesn’t take much to confuse you, Woody (toj) 

    4. Kaay


      HA- HA- HA (d) You're hilarious! @Addict

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