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    2. Sydno


      Was a nice talk! Thanks for the opportunity


      I'm always up to discuss or to give more insights if you found it intriguing :$ 

    3. Addict


      I was just hoping he would’ve answered the “Who would win in a fight? Crow or LaFleur?” question,  so we can start a battle :(

    4. Maxo


      good interview @Sydno congratulations, ty @Addict i'm always happy to be in xat trade, what you don't know  chat trade is my home since a longtime i've a history with it since valeria was a main owner on 2011 or 2012 i don't remember very well

  1. Contest #1 Love Letter Really? A love letter? Yes, really. Sure, in this day and age, your options for how to say “I love you” are endless. You can text it. You can email it. You can say it face to face. You can write it in flour on the countertop, take a photo, and post it to Instagram. You can scribble a love note on a napkin and tuck it in a lunch bag. If you’ve got the courage, you could even write a song and serenade your loved one. And all of those are great. You should definitely keep (or start) doing them to remind your love how much they mean. But when you really want to get your partner’s attention, there’s another tool to consider adding to your I love you repertoire: the good old-fashioned love letter. Writing a love letter is the kind of gesture we 21st-century types don’t make every day—and that’s exactly what makes it so special. It’s something a little out of the day-to-day…unexpected…above and beyond. Odds are good your partner is going to want to read, reread, and hang onto it for a good long while. Love letters are just that meaningful. With that being said, I would like to see you expand your writing skills and show me the best love letter you could ever write, it could be to your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, mom, dad, friend, anyone that you want to consider your Valentine this year! This contest will have 3 winners. First place : 10,000 xats Second place : 5,000 xats. Third place : 2,000 xats. Judges : Me and @Angelo Deadline : February 14, 12:00 a.m EST Contest #2 Best Valentine’s Day Card For this contest, I know some of you guys' writing skills need Jesus, so you also have a chance to win by designing your best Valentine's Day Card to your loved one. Write/Design a Valentine's Day Card! It can be an animal, a xat smiley, a funny picture, or whatever rocks your socks. Writing is not mandatory but highly recommended. Poetry is not necessary but use it if you'd like! Any form of writing is accepted. This contest will have one winner only. Prize : 5,000 xats. Judges : Me and @Angelo Deadline : February 14, 12:00 a.m EST P.S : All entries should be posted here! Happy Valentine's Day in advance!!
  2. I see it

    I like it

    I want it

    I check the price 

    I put it back

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    2. Addict


      You still can ;)

    3. lemona


      I see you

      I like you

      I don’t want you 

      I check in on you

      I love you yuh :$ 

    4. Addict


      I love you too (blowkiss) 

  3. The winners for the Love Letter Contest; First place : @Kaay 10,000 xats Second place : @miaa 5,000 xats Third place : @Solange 2,000 xats The winner for the Best Valentine’s Card goes to @Fons 5,000 xats. Pc me on 99941393 to claim your prize!! Congratulations to all the winners!
  4. The deadline for submitting entries has been reached, winners will be announced soon!
  5. Ok break up with Wendy first
  6. Soooo, no one wants to design a Valentine's Day card?!?! IT'S 5K Deadline coming soon
  7. Not sure wether to consider this a letter or a card😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. What are you offering at this party What’re you doing Bella!!!!!
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    2. Kaay


      I'm confused.(meh)

    3. Addict


      Doesn’t take much to confuse you, Woody (toj) 

    4. Kaay


      HA- HA- HA (d) You're hilarious! @Addict

  9. Addict

    Account held

    Reply to the ticket and say that you opened it in the wrong section, and ask for it to be closed. Then open it in the right section.
  10. Addict

    Account held

    Then please open a ticket under "Account Block" to get it resolved. I'll be on help chat if you need further assistance!
  11. Addict

    Account held

    Have you been inactive? If yes, your account is most likely held due to inactivity, you'd need to open a ticket under "Account Block" to solve the issue.
  12. Addict

    Account held

    What error are you getting?



    @Solange finally fixed her laptop!!!!!!!!

    If you scroll down without saying WOOT, you have no heart. :( 

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    2. Addict


      Está bien, FFFFFFonsi, me tienes papi


    3. Fons


      Hahaha @Addict Lo sé Papi :$ 

    4. Santademonia
  14. Aww look at you guys with your inner romance! Who said guys aren't romantic!!
  15. Come find what chat I’m on and win (aliens) power :$  

    When you find me, PC me! 

    First PC gets it 👀

    Catch me if you can pens

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    2. Sergio


      What day is it today?

    3. Addict


      Tough luck boys, SERGIO won (toj) 

    4. Vritme



  16. https://imgur.com/a/jdNwbH9


    Can someone help

    I’m stuck

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    2. Marya


      what pen gordo with big shoes  :$ 

    3. Addict


      Marya; this is how I’m gonna talk to you from now on https://imgur.com/a/aj7zBjN

    4. Vritme




  17. Happy birthday lil big ole pen :$ 

    1. Stif


      Thank you Bryan, king of the pens. :$

    2. Dreww


      :$ "


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