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  1. The IRS just emailed me to let me know my ass gotta pay taxes for selling xats. 


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    2. Addict


      Aight well guess what pens 

      I’mma start taxing you guys too :$ 

    3. David


      LMAO aight gl

    4. Anush


      ^ and you'll need it

  2. Merry kmesmes habby yu near everyone! 



    1. Exin
    2. Anas


      Well said!


      Happy kmesmes too pen, and merry noyear. (hug) 

  3. Nope, but here’s an easy one. What’s the capital of Lebanon?
  4. Last question! What is the national flower of Australia? Prize: 500
  5. Question 9: In France, what is the most popular name? Prize: 500
  6. Yeeew! Question 8: What is the currency of Turkey? Prize: 500
  7. Question 7: In the 1958 movie, Cry Baby Killer, what actor made his debut? Prize: 500
  8. Yes! Question 6; In CHIPS what brand of motorcycles did they ride? Prize: 500
  9. Yes! Question 5: In the U.S. 1900 census, people with 2 or less what were lower mid class? Prize: 500
  10. Question 4: How long did the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 last? Prize: 500
  11. Yep! Question 3: The Aloha State is what? Prize: 500
  12. Question 2: American supermarkets introduced what kind of codes in the mid 70s? Prize: 500
  13. Okay! 10 questions 500 xats each!! Let’s go! 1. In the 1953 biopic about the famous Houdini who played the starring role? Prize: 500
  14. Piece of paper You forgot your ID and regname! You win
  15. AIGHT! The first person to write on a piece of paper “Happy Holidays from xat.com” with their regname and ID somewhere on the paper, upload it and post it here will win 3,840 xats!
  16. Nudge! I’m about to post the challenge! So get ready😁 will post in 5!

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