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  1. Happy birthday land havin penpuha :$ 

    1. lemona


      Thank you land havin penpuha number 2!! (blowkiss)

  2. Addict


    Sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to say. What do you mean by “I transferred all my powers to the staff”? What staff?
    1. lemona


      I was a witness of this interview. Hehehehe! :$  

    2. Addict


      No you weren’t 

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    2. Bau


      Really a story, a story like a story. (wailing)(a)

    3. Marya


      If you dont like @Bau sorry 

    4. Bau


      @Marya Excuse me, it was great, you know I love you, you're my dear friend. :$(blowkiss) 

  3. Being a boy is hard, we have to text girls first, buy them food, look cute with no makeup, have nice cars, a steady job, be tall, impress parents, friends, brothers and sisters, be a gentleman and never be in a bad mood. We have it hard too.
  4. Take care, Marshall. It's been a pleasure. Best of luck to you.
  5. Addict

    535 MORPH

    Woohoo for shapes!
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    2. Sydno


      Was a nice talk! Thanks for the opportunity


      I'm always up to discuss or to give more insights if you found it intriguing :$ 

    3. Addict


      I was just hoping he would’ve answered the “Who would win in a fight? Crow or LaFleur?” question,  so we can start a battle :(

    4. Maxo


      good interview @Sydno congratulations, ty @Addict i'm always happy to be in xat trade, what you don't know  chat trade is my home since a longtime i've a history with it since valeria was a main owner on 2011 or 2012 i don't remember very well

  6. Guess what?! Bryan and I are dropping an album!!

    BRY X LEM. Pre-order: 02.17.2019 🔥🔥💘


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    2. Rida


      no thanks @Addict

    3. Witness


      LMAO This is amazing. 


      I'm definitely buying it on iTunes and streaming it on Apple Music 24/7. Hope "xat TRADE TEA" and "IDIOTA" will become singles. We stan queens snatch this wig.

    4. Mayeyo
  7. I see it

    I like it

    I want it

    I check the price 

    I put it back

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    2. Addict


      You still can ;)

    3. lemona


      I see you

      I like you

      I don’t want you 

      I check in on you

      I love you yuh :$ 

    4. Addict


      I love you too (blowkiss) 

  8. The winners for the Love Letter Contest; First place : @Kaay 10,000 xats Second place : @miaa 5,000 xats Third place : @Solange 2,000 xats The winner for the Best Valentine’s Card goes to @Fons 5,000 xats. Pc me on 99941393 to claim your prize!! Congratulations to all the winners!
  9. The deadline for submitting entries has been reached, winners will be announced soon!
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