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  1. I’m sorry, Trade is an English chat, but you can use the translator so you can have a better chance to win.
  2. You're not supposed to add your username and ID. This isn't one of those contests! You just have to show up on Trade and play the games to win.
  3. HO HO HO HOLIDAYSSSSSS! When you hear the jingle, that's an indication letting you know that it will soon be looking a lot like Christmas! It's that time of the month where Santa is in town and we gather again at xattrade for a Christmas celebration! While Christmas is all about the spirit of the season that embodies the very best of humanity, smiling at strangers and wishing them well. We become a little more giving, a little more conscious of how lucky we are and we share some of our luck with others. We become more generous, and we learn to enjoy the wonders of both giving and receiving. And of course, Christmas is a magical time when just about anything is possible! With that being said, Christmas isn't complete until you hand out free xats, right? For that, I am THRILLED to announce another Christmas event on Trade where we keep the Christmas spirit and the holiday season intact! With @Marya being generous enough to donate for this event, and some donations of mine, we'd hope to see all of you gathered again on xattrade for a fun night! If you've been to our events on Trade before, I'm sure you know how FUN AND EXCITING THEY ARE! So please join us on Tuesday, December 18 @ 10:00 PM EST time! I will be hosting with @lemona and @Angelo HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  4. Addict

    Mobile Glitch

    https://imgur.com/LEJ8jDm?r http://prntscr.com/lpros6
  5. Addict

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations, @Luig!!!!!!!
  6. Addict

    Trade Main

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the new main owner on Trade, @Sydno, alongside @Echo as co-main. I’d like to personally welcome both of you to the team, it’s an exciting time for xattrade as we continue to grow and strive to remain adaptable, and motivated. I’m sure your determination and your quirky personalities will fit in well with us! This marks the start of an awesome journey, and I’m really excited to work with the both of you to better Trade as a whole. So, on behalf of Trade staff and myself, I want to congratulate both of you and welcome you to the team! I’m looking forward to this.
  7. Addict

    Why? / Because!

    Bahahaa, because Romeo Santos is medicine to my ears. 😎 Why does everyone want to live the American dream?
  8. Addict

    Welcome New Contributors

    Thanks papi
  9. Addict

    Voice of staff trade

    @Vale I never once said you demoted me, and you will never have any right or reason to do so when I was there holding the chat together with your absence. I’m sorry but I find it very weird how you become active as soon as position is threatened to be stripped off of you, I kept quiet for so long but I won’t do that anymore. And since you’re exposing what I said here in the public, why don’t you tell them everything?? Bits and parts only. COWARD MOVE. Also, I planned this event with admin himself, I informed you on the forum, how else am I supposed to inform you? Travel to Germany and let you know? I don’t have time to chase you around and ask for stuff to be done for Trade, the chat YOU’RE supposed to be there for and manage.
  10. Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, without all of you, it wouldn't have been possible, we had a blast! And a special thank you to @Admin for the opportunity given to me to hold these contests, I always have fun doing them. Thank you to @Angelo for hosting and for being a part of the process with me, @Solange for helping in Spanish, @Stifler for helping in Portuguese, and @trika and @iMoHd for helping in Arabic. I hope you guys enjoyed.
  11. Addict

    Voice of staff trade

    As Trade owner for 7 plus years, it saddens me that it’s taking Trade staff to leave Trade for them to desperately prove a point and open admin’s eye to the chaos that’s been happening. I just want to say that I didn’t intend for staff to resign themselves after I told them I was leaving, I didn’t ask them to follow me, this is all them. So I’m encouraging volunteers to listen to their voices, as they should be heard and worked on. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m sick and tired of fighting for a chat that the main doesn’t even care about, I’ve stood by Vale’s side ever since she was main, and I’m not even appreciated for what I’ve been doing for her. But the Trade team is here and they’re speaking on behalf of everyone. So I hope they’re heard once and for all.
  12. xat.com/Bryan for all the Arabs out there - We could not proceed on Trade because there was a massive amount of users that couldn’t join.
  13. Just a reminder that the Arabic contest starts in 10 minutes @ 12:00 PM EST!
  14. Again, with another generous contribution from @Admin I’m excited to announce that we will also be holding games in other languages with the help of @Solange for the Spanish community, @Stif for the Portuguese community, @trika and @iMoHd for the Arabic community. Time is to be determined, all of this WILL be happening on xat.com/Trade to bring all the communities together. If you have any questions, concerns, feel free to message me on here or Addict (99941393) . And once again, thanks to @Admin for making this happen!

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