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  1. Happy Birthday Pen, best wishes to you! (ok)

  2. Kaay

    Happy birthday bestfwend! 
    you’re this 🤏🏻 close to hitting 30, how does that feel? :$ 

    Anyway, you know I love you and I just wanna wish you the best, always. Keep celebrating your bday week. 
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  3. Happy birthday Bryan! Wishing you a great day! XOXO.

  4. happy-birthday-karte-400-27565002.thumb.jpg.922bf00b8a3a7e8ac0de3a361c92bab2.jpg

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Thanks for being such a dear friend.




  5. Happy Birthday 


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  6. Maxo

    Happy birthday bro with full happiness and success (hug) 

  7. Kale

    Happy birthday my bro. (hug)

    May your day be special and very happy, you deserve a lot!

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  8. Happy Birthday Bryan (hug)

     Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

  9. I guess I will be the first person to ask a question! What would you do if you were gifted $10,000 dollars today?
  10. I agree that people would rather pay the $10 than go to trade because it’s a hassle, but I feel like this will kill the activity of Trade slowly. I do like the idea of promotions (you get supersummer if you buy the summer collection etc) but why not let users pick what collection they want or what powers they want as a free gift instead of being stuck with a package they might not like? I suggest something like: xat could send loyal customers coupons such as 20% off, $5 off or an option where they can collect a monthly reward, such as bonuses, free rewards etc. Example: https://imgur.com/a/YLY1FR8 // https://imgur.com/a/TLYIRnA Of course it could be more xats, this is just an example. Users should be able to pick how many xats and days they want, the current packages we have such as the $200 package has 1,980 days - no one needs 1,980 days they end up selling it anyway. Also, xat gives users reserve if they buy using PayPal, which is unpleasant for them, which is why no one going to purchase for PayPal from the store. Yeah of course it’s more beneficial for xat for users to buy from xat.com directly. But what about when users want to quit? They have to turn to resellers. xat won’t rebuy their powers. Users feel kind of safe knowing if they ever decide to quit, they can easily turn to a reseller, but if resellers can’t profit out of it then of course they won’t buy their stuff, which will lead to users not wanting to buy from the store if resellers won’t buy their powers/xats back etc. unless xat gives users the option to sell their stuff back at a lower rate.
  11. Omg Stif you’re my favorite person on xat.com
  12. My favorite helpers are @Bryan amazing person very good JK you’re all amazing xoxox
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