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  1. Good explain @Marya11211 And Good help ??
  2. Mihai


    Enough !! to Say here was explicit : not necessary.
  3. Paste fericit Mihai . 

  4. Yes !!! Is cute . I like It . We have we have .. But is not the Same . So i support idea .
  5. Loving It <3 . I dont have words to explain .
  6. I was reading each other may in an way Or other Im hurting ... But Forget . Everything is fine
  7. Hmm , If Im not wrong there not all users are welcome ??? I For example ? . What If Im new Or old in this forum Or an other one ?? Important is What each other are doing For the xat . In 2 words : What are You doing For xat to be more Good ? How You. Help people ? Think That no Who have And no have reputation ... So guys i was think It is not an group prívate , And everyone For everywhere here Same in Xat are welcome
  8. Mihai

    Country powers

    I hope @Mihay To make one from the dracula . Haha = ))
  9. Aww @Lemona ?? great think , great idea . Really i Love It . Because some time ago i know an person , sufred a Lot of harass . And That person was very afraid And very scared to report They . But Now everything is ok . So i support It .
  10. Mihai


    We Need It here . All day i have people from ro in pc asking help . I do help to They How i can the best . I put everything from my part to help to They . But How Marya did example , in status to mihay They in an way Or other asking help And Need help . So YES It is a great idea . Thanks @marya11211 For your suggestion to comunity xat . ??
  11. Yh bcs staff to trade loja assistence help , are great . And the best .
  12. Mihai

    Seal Power

    I hope They meke It . Because is a great power . Awesome . @choco
  13. Mihai

    Foxred Power

    Is cute i like It .
  14. Hi my name is @6 And i Love my friends ☺️
  15. Hi my name is @Marya11211and i love Barcelona team
  16. Mihai

    Seal Power

    Very good idea for smilies
  17. It's a myth. It's about Vlad Impaler, because impale enemies and thief, hence the name Dracula&Vampir
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