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  1. @KaleHappy Birthday bro (hug)

  2. All the powers related to Valentine's Day are beautiful.
  3. Happy Birthday  @Christina(hug)






    1. Christina


      Thank you Mihai!

    2. Mihai


      You're welcome Tina (hug)

  4. I really like this suggestion, very interesting, and congratulations @xRavennn
  5. A nice suggestion for powers and a good idea for Valentine's Day. Congratulations for suggestion @DUYGU
  6. Happy Birthday bro (hug)


    Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF by Riza G

  7. Mihai

    Happy Birthday Bro (hug)


    1. Stif


      Thank you! (hug) 

  8. A nice suggestion for a power.
  9. A great idea with an interesting subject who can reminds us about childhood, and very competitive for users who never played before. Congratulations.
  10. My dream is very simple to be happy. And, of course, let my family be healthy. The rest will come, by the will of God.
  11. I'm happy to be a part of this family Loja Ajutor Trade Assistance Mundosmilies Html5
  12. It's worth listening to.



  13. Happy birthday @Arthur brother, and good health. (hug) 


    Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

  14. Thank  you   (blowkiss)(hug)

  15. Mihai

    GARDEN powers!

    I like this suggestion, it's nice. Congratulations.
  16. Mihai


    Nice suggestion, It's very cute, congratulations. @DUYGU
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