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  1. Mihai

    Power Japonecita

    Hello @UniiK Beautiful suggestion for powers. Thanks
  2. Mihai

    Happy Birthday @Bau Bro (hug)


    1. Bau


      Thank´s Mihai (hug) 


    Happy Birthday Tb (blowkiss)  (hug)

  4. This not is normal, in private at xat loja / trade






    New proof in xat trade http://m.yollayap.com/bbtc/1552356621919.jpg  http://prntscr.com/mwli9q


    Please help, Thanks

    1. Solange




      This has been happening for several months. If someone reports they are receiving such messages, you should ban the user who is sending those messages immediately, that's all you can do.


      We are already trying to let people know that these kind of things are attempts to scam.

  5. Happy Birthday @Guinho  (hug)

  6. Happy Birthday @Skatel(hug)

  7. You have to be patient, everything will be fine.
  8. Happy Birthday (hug)

  9. Happy Birthday Sys  (hug)

  10. Happy Birthday  (hug)

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