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  1. This user with the name of "help" should all know that it needs to be reported immediately, as we change your name and authentication and mislead the world as it is from xat.com.

    I have been following this user for a long time and I have caught him every time and I will always do it,to stop fooling the world.

    Proof :https://prnt.sc/qegrgc

    You have to stay safe.

    1. Crow


      You should include a second screenshot with the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible.


      Video evidence showing the user ID and registered name is even better.

    2. Mihai


      Thanks, it's already reported.


      What I wanted to say was to draw attention to this user.

    3. Mihai


      And for this, the world should be informed to stop believing in user "help" or "X@t".


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