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  1. Happy birthday, good health, happiness and everything you want to become a reality. Brother @LaFleur (hug)

    1. LaFleur


      Thank you brother Mihai! (hug)

  2. I like all bots : arcbot, fexbot openbot
  3.  Happy Birthday @Abrahan bro (hug)


    Sorry for the delay. :$

  4. Happy birthday, health, happiness and only good sys (hug) 




    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Mihai  (hug) 

  5. Well said @Kale bro, because I did this, in all the years of chat, and they were not little. But it was that gratitude to see those helped happy, and that's what everyone I know has done. I remember, he was in a chat trade, and I was no longer paying attention to the chat and I was helping, the person who didn't know how to answer questions, nobody knows this. Helping with pleasure.
  6. As much as you could be patient, helping a person who has a problem, who doesn't know how to make a ticket, you could help him with all the questions,Which return after the ticket made, etc?
  7. Happy Birthday @denise (hug)



    Happy Birthday GIF

  8. Mihai


    Mihai (166211569)
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