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  1. But we already have warning powers anyways. E.G. Yellowcard, Redcard, etc.
  2. This would be abused a lot.
  3. Yes they can copy and paste these styles for free but most don't have the operating systems required to view their names. Which is where this power comes in which doesn't require everyone to have a certain operating system or browser etc to view a name.
  4. Ever get tired of having to go messletters for an italic name? With this power you can automatically save your name styles. For example once you pick the italics option your name would be in italics. If you pick the bold option your name will be bold regardless of being in a chat with another friend. If you also click on the power in your power list you can view the names you have automatically created and then click on them again to use those names. Recommended store price: 400 xats. Name: Nametext.
  5. Lol those text generators do not have the font I have which I used for this. It was made in GIMP. But I understand your point.
  6. I designed a logo for my website last night that I'm gonna be coding soon and I think this logo is really great! What about you?
  7. Or instead of them being smilies like we already have we can take pictures through the xat chat of ourselves or anything about the xat chat we do on the service and have it resized as our own personal avatars. For example you can resize it to 30 x 30 pixels or even up to 120 x 120 pixels if you're comfortable with either sizes.
  8. Yes but that requires a seperate power to purchase just to use a simple emote. In my opinion the emote should be free for all to use without any purchases necessary.
  9. Ever notice the black ribbon emote like on Google when we remember a tragedy such as 9/11? I think there should be an emote like that so that when we remember tragedies such as the September 11th attacks people can use the ribbon when they type to remember such events. A lot of Americans use xat including myself so I'd like to see this emote on main chats around xat. It would be an honor to remember victims from all around the world.
  10. I'm pretty sure they made it that way to prevent impersonation Elie.
  11. To be more clear do you like 4 letter shortnames, 5 letter shortnames, 6 letter shortnames, etc? My shortname is 8 letters because I'm kind of tired of having really short lengthed ones lately. I've had many 4 letter shortnames and 5 letter, 6 letter shortnames too before in the past. What about you?
  12. Oh, I've had hundreds of regnames throughout my history on xat. Too many to remember. My name is Defiance now at the moment.
  13. Awesome work Andre! I really appreciate it!
  14. Relationships in real life makes me triggered and on xat too.
  15. I agree with Lemona it would be a fun game if you could catch xat powers. Maybe powers just for allpowers smiley for example.
  16. xat can always request permission to use it since we already have Pokemon avatars for toons ourselves and not to mention the Pokemon ball catcher smiley.
  17. Since there is so much hype going around with the new Pokemon games why not install a power that will allow subscribers to catch any Pokemon at any chat if there isn't a bot on it? For example if you visit a dead Pokemon chat and there isn't a bot there to help you catch one a power called Pokemon Catcher will help you identify the nearest Pokemon available whether it be on that chat or any other chat. When you buy the power it will work just like with bots but you type !pgo to catch it or !pgc most likely. It doesn't have to be a limited or unlimited power since we already have plenty of limited powers. I would like for it to be unlimited since so many people including myself are playing Pokemon now. It is the most popular game currently and I think this will help xat raise more money with this power as well. Of course if you use this power to catch some rare Pokemons or non-rare Pokemons they will still be linked with bot providers so you can still check out your list of Pokemons anyways regardless since you have the power. It could also be helpful if we could trade Pokemons with the trade engine since this is a power and you could have the options to trade the Pokemons you have caught or you could simply just trade the Pokemon power itself if you don't want it anymore or neither are a fan of Pokemon.
  18. Yes Facebook has this. When someone blocks you on Facebook you cannot see their profile anymore. I'm not sure about other chat services though Twitter, etc.
  19. Yes I understand that they will harass you regardless if you have them on ignore or not but they will stop if you see them you have them on ignore. You don't have to put everyone on ignore if they are making multple IDs to simply harass you but some users are just downright a nuisance in certain cases. Some aren't even smart enough to know how to register mutlple accounts or generate new IDs. I am not meant to flame or offend anyone in this reply I am just simply backing up my suggestion. I feel that xat should implement this update because it will be more peaceful for you that you don't have to keep seeing their messages. If it gets too much to the point where they are always being harassed then they should move around chats or keep on using the Ignore feature as suggested here.
  20. I'm not sure if this was already suggested but I'll give it a shot. This is not a power suggestion. This is a suggestion for the Ignore button feature to be updated on. Now I noticed when you ignore users it doesn't show them you ignored them. For example when you ignore them and they click your name it will say "On xat subscriber/whatever they are has you on ignore" and they will stop harassing you or anyone else on the main chatroom. Or since it shows you the gray pawn when you ignore them it should show them the gray pawn as well. It's only fair right? I am suggesting this because users still end up harassing other users in main chatroom even if they have them ignored.
  21. I think it is a dangerous game to play in some neighborhoods but it also helps bring the world together too.
  22. Hey people of the xat forum. I came up with this idea that when a user is temp modded on a chat, temp ownered, temp membered, etc it doesn't show them how much time is left on their power right? For example it will say like you do !temptime in the chat and a default message like a help message will say You are temp for (how much time is left on your bid as temp) and then you can make it say Temporary Moderator when people click on your name if you have this power.
  23. I just want to say Rest in Peace to all fallen soldiers, and especially Chris Kyle the most famous fallen soldier of this decade. Thank you for your service heroes!
  24. What about a certain amount of powers required for this pawn? Example, 60-100 powers. Can range from any type of power, limited, non-limited, rare, epic, etc.
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