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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

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  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday <3

  6. Happy birthday! (hug) 

  7. But we already have warning powers anyways. E.G. Yellowcard, Redcard, etc.
  8. This would be abused a lot.
  9. Yes they can copy and paste these styles for free but most don't have the operating systems required to view their names. Which is where this power comes in which doesn't require everyone to have a certain operating system or browser etc to view a name.
  10. Ever get tired of having to go messletters for an italic name? With this power you can automatically save your name styles. For example once you pick the italics option your name would be in italics. If you pick the bold option your name will be bold regardless of being in a chat with another friend. If you also click on the power in your power list you can view the names you have automatically created and then click on them again to use those names. Recommended store price: 400 xats. Name: Nametext.
  11. Lol those text generators do not have the font I have which I used for this. It was made in GIMP. But I understand your point.
  12. I designed a logo for my website last night that I'm gonna be coding soon and I think this logo is really great! What about you?
  13. Or instead of them being smilies like we already have we can take pictures through the xat chat of ourselves or anything about the xat chat we do on the service and have it resized as our own personal avatars. For example you can resize it to 30 x 30 pixels or even up to 120 x 120 pixels if you're comfortable with either sizes.
  14. Yes but that requires a seperate power to purchase just to use a simple emote. In my opinion the emote should be free for all to use without any purchases necessary.
  15. Ever notice the black ribbon emote like on Google when we remember a tragedy such as 9/11? I think there should be an emote like that so that when we remember tragedies such as the September 11th attacks people can use the ribbon when they type to remember such events. A lot of Americans use xat including myself so I'd like to see this emote on main chats around xat. It would be an honor to remember victims from all around the world.
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