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Community Answers

  1. Rest in peace, Dan (:  



    Sayonara, Arigatou ♡

  2. HELLO? where's my test power??? I suggested this 3 years ago
  3. want to sell gamer girl bathwater
  4. the only reaction that needs to be added is my cute pepe
  5. I was one time on official xat called Help at 3:22:43 and it was empty. I felt lonely, until a toon (smoochiepook) started to curse. I was scared, but BOT was there for me. Thank you for your service.
  6. you're 4 years late, luana. we agreed like 4 years ago mods/owners can turn off/on nopc/nopm whenever they want lol
  7. Happy birthday <33

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    2. oka


      It's perfect ، keep up sis (hug)

    3. DUYGU


      Thank you Oka bro  (hug) your new desings perfect too.

    4. oka


      Thank's sis (hug)

  8. Happy birthday.. 

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