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  1. eww ur back...jk wb

  2. Asphyxia

    Social bot contest

    oh snap
  3. Asphyxia

    Social bot contest

    just namecolor? like no namegrad or namewave or w/e ? and also, i guess you guys don't want the everypower pawns
  4. Asphyxia

    502 ESMILE

    he wants something like the power (random), but when you put your mouse over the smiley, it changes into another smiley and so on.
  5. nikki My favourite anime is NANA. 2nd Fairy tail, 3rd Tokyo Ghoul. I don't watch movies anymore but I guess "The Age of Adaline". It's one of the most emotional movies I know.
  6. happy birthday

    1. Rida


      thanks gal 

  7. why germany why........

  8. Asphyxia

    501 PORTALFX

    in what dimension are we going this time if we cross the portal?
  9. Asphyxia

    dabbing power


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