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  1. Lunala


    wait wait wait. now you need a good CPU for xat? Cuz everyone is showing off their CPU, memory RAM and graphics card. You will get lag on internet no matter what your CPU is. Lag has nothing to do with CPU/memory/graphics card. Also I don't get your suggestion, you want a rainbow pawn? You want a black pawn? You want a flying pawn ? You want to use Namegrad + Namewave as a pawn?? Can you even imagine how that would look ???
  2. Lunala

    514 NOCARA

    it's not "jealousy", it just feels weird. I'm not a native spanish/portuguese speaker and I was confused when I first saw the name of the power. Like who the heck would think nocara means no face at first sight, let's be for real.
  3. Lunala

    514 NOCARA

    should be nocare not nocara. what the heck is a nocara?
  4. happy birthday, daddy! 


    hope you have a great day (: 

  5. Lunala

    Which door would you take?

    Red. the past is in the past. you learn from your past mistakes and try to be a better person.
  6. Lunala

    Whoever posts last wins!

    d a dd y

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