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  1. Change pawn from main owner

    Use classic for your peon lol or buy namewave
  2. Yes or No

    No Are you in college?
  3. This or That ???

    None sorry Pizza or cake?
  4. A-Z of powers

  5. A-Z of powers

  6. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    there's an option with $5. you want cheaper than that or what, mate? to be fair $200 is kinda expensive and you only get like 59.000xats, if you buy from a reseller xats for $200 you get around 80.000-90.000xats
  7. pat my head like that


  8. Yum or Yuck ???

    yuck carrot soup ?
  9. WIN 300 XATS.

    LUNALA (1487645044)
  10. Yes or No

    yes aren't you mexican?
  11. A-Z of powers

    Beach Can we say smilies name too?
  12. Yes or No

    No Are you in Usa?
  13. Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum Fish with vegetables?