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  1. Asphyxia

    xat.chat Blog

    ewww @Geordie we already know he rages at old man driving audi ...
  2. i   m i s s     j u s t      my     L U N A L A

    my heart hurts without you , I can not forget you ,  god wants it our unity






  3. Asphyxia

    I'm Sorry

    for the 2 people that actually thought what he says, he's just bluffing. But yeah yeah, nice words !!! we appreciate them.
  4. Hope you are smiling, somewhere, right now :)

  5. so, teach and tell me, teach and tell me

    The way these things work out

    Is someone else in me?

    Just waiting to break free?

  6. Asphyxia


    I am in that half, I don't know what's a guinea pig, can you please show yourself?
  7. Asphyxia

    Steam on xat

    that game has nice achievements lmfao thats why i bought it xdd
  8. Asphyxia

    Steam on xat

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/luunala here. u can add me <3
  9. Asphyxia

    Nameglitter power suggestion

    you can use glitterfx + num if u really wish for a glitter name tho. (or matchban) http://prntscr.com/jgxswa srry just 3 letter name
  10. both at the same time @SlOom ?
  11. idk why u guys make changes without asking people first :-??


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