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  1. Thank you, I have sent a ticket similar to the screenshot in one of the examples. Sorry I didn't provide this information in my previous post, I was more concerned of the entire Security leading up to the Authentication. I really appreciate it.
  2. It's still not resolved, I couldn't reply because it got closed and I couldn't add more information onto it from my previous post. There has never been the authenticator code sent to my email It reads: **Login requires authenticator code. E36** Enter authenticator code:6 digit authenticator number I've login'd countless times, waited countless days, but for whatever reason, I DO NOT receive the code to my email, no matter how many times I click the confirmation link in my email that redirects me. I want this to be fixed for my account now, it's always been a problem for me a
  3. This happened a while back, and I just wish I got the confirmation, whenever I try to log into my account: GallantWiiGi (80379479) 80379479 is already registered. E4 **Security check: Please check your email to login. E30** I can provide any information to my account. I just want to log onto it again, or at least receive that confirmation that never really arrives.
  4. I'm having the similar problem for a while now. But I did open a ticket as to that example before Never22 resolved it. Hopefully I get it the pin resent shortly ^^
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