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  1. Acount lock 29,my nick Sami,rega MasterDesign21 pls unblock rega tnx
  2. I'm interested in a script in edit chat to automatically redirect me to another chat. How do I make an automatic redirect from one chat to another in edit chat? I use google translate, I hope you understand me. Thanks
  3. Sami

    Profil players

    theFlower aren't you there? what nickname are you?
  4. Why doesn't the player read in the profile? I put the player in the profile, he doesn't show it, why?
  5. hi, how now goes the xat chat link to see the chat kit without the plugin old?
  6. why ban, kick, etc. are given on chats for no reason..is it their property that they can ban for no reason? First there is a warning then kick and finally ban. I respect the code of conduct on xat.com, on 2 two chats I got ban no reason, i would love to know the reason, thanks
  7. Why do HTML players wait days to approve them? You say you have nothing to do with the domain on which the HTML Player is installed, who should I contact? You gentlemen are thus losing members on the hat. with the site where the players post, then grant us the domains.Thanks
  8. Sami

    Players HTML

    Question for Admins and volunteers. Why do you reject HTML Player? There is no coding in my HTML Player, no porn and erotic images, I would like to know why I reject players and turn them off? What's the problem? So we just lose chaters on xat, and many chaters left the hut because of negative things.
  9. hi, i use google translate, if you can allow private domains that we can upload to edit chat, only Players, ie from our domain, would be grateful to you.
  10. Honored gentlemen, I am Server Sami I have my web site http://serversami.com I work with Elvir Server its site is https: //www.elvirserver.com, and elvir we have over 70 servers on xata, we put players in html or you cancel, the other thing our customers are angry when the players are gone, we have to justify because you discontinue the players, we ask you to grant us the approvals that I have specified, or allow us to play html players from our sites, attacking our clients because of the players we are not blamed, the other thing in the chat is the many bugs and bzvz bans, Sami Server asks you to grant me a domain http://serversami.com or grant us html at http://xatradio.com/, as our clients attacking because the players are gone, you benefit from those clients that are on xat.com. I do not want to delete it, it's okay to allow us to allow us domains or html that go through xatradio.com or we will drag your clients to websites because of playwrights, bouts, assaults, etc., a lot of chlanov left with xata, I'm just over except for the fact, because you are saddened by the angry members of xat.com that you are doing it is not ok, we respect the rules, and you honor the members and follow what happens on xat.com, I want you a serious response, thanks Server SAMI
  11. hello sir, http: //4-p.org use https to Xatu players swf, I want to cancel the https Xatu, we do not use https, his site is http://4-p.org and chat groups under https working players http://xat.com/server4P and http://xat.com/Dva_Jarana and more mono benefits chats in which players work under https link, I want to cancel sir, thank Server M
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