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  7. I disagree, // is used for urls to assume the base pages protocol, so the url would automatically work for both https and http, there is no inherent need to make them https:// directly. The url should be flexible in the case that the site switches between https and http, things wont break due to mixed content errors.
  8. Majora

    Free xatspace!

    I suppose I'm a little late to reply, but nice work, don't see such good original profile work often.
  9. I don't know particularly how the invisible reCaptcha works, the google docs on it aren't very explanatory about it, so i'm just a bit iffy on it is all, but I'll be reading up what I can find on it.
  10. I like that, and perhaps making different versions of the headphones along with the defaults, and maybe animated versions of the headphones too while being seperate from the smiley.
  11. [youtube:0:0:7YUwllnvGsI:autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=AYoihwR2bGI] this code will achieve what you want to do.
  12. What I meant by bad users was bots/scripts, since the captcha prevents them to come in as "users" It wouldn't be correct to call them a user, so I used "Bad users" instead. Edit: Trust me, I understand where this suggestion is coming from, and I know it's a chore for some people who have to constantly do the captcha on protection mode, but when you minimize interaction with the user you gradually make it easier to automate the process of signing in which is not good.
  13. I think the captcha serves its purpose the way it is, I don't think there is a need to make the captcha any simpler, this only makes it easier for bad users to come in.
  14. I almost thought this was a list of Xat's api's not api's for your own server. I would find it pretty helpful if that were the case since there has a been a time where I was trying to collect them. But aye, good job.
  15. I would imagine it would be a full replacement, it shouldn't effect the workflow too much though, you'll just need to learn what the outcome of the BB Code would be, but generally, you'd place the BB Code where your embed would be to get the desired result.
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