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  1. I would imagine it would be a full replacement, it shouldn't effect the workflow too much though, you'll just need to learn what the outcome of the BB Code would be, but generally, you'd place the BB Code where your embed would be to get the desired result.
  2. Great, been waiting a while for this
  3. @Admin Please make a version of swaves that doesn't stop, or shrink, I believe that would look really good in my opinion. Basic example(Of course not extremely good, but hopefully enough to understand what I mean):
  4. unless Xat has the storage space for that type of service, which would cost $$$ I highly doubt they will.
  5. *cough*
  6. yep, CSS can do this, no need for a whole power to do this functionality.
  7. Would love to see this happen. +1 for this.